Organ fanfare for Gloria at Easter Vigil
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    It might come down to an improvisation, but wondering if folks on this forum have suggestions for written fanfares that they use. We'll be singing Gloria VIII (Missa de Angelis) and this year I'll include a short introductory fanfare (I think this comes after the incipit?). Any links to sources in the public domain particularly appreciated.
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    There's a nice one from the Detroit Cathedral here at 8:15. I tried to ask Balistreri to send it to me, but he's been kinda busy lately.
  • I came across this piece today and the opening struck me as a perfect Vigil Gloria "fanfare"

    Präludium 'Festivo' F-Dur/F Major, Christian Heinrich Rinck, aus op. 120
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    You are so right; even if you simply used the opening section. It’s rather epic.
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    I wonder where the score in the video is from. The only one I can find on IMSLP is a color scan of a different engraving.

    It’s perfect for me as my Gloria is in F
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    I would assume it’s a one off in one of the hundreds of collections of random organ works. I searched for a good while and have yet to find that engraving, sadly.
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    If you're doing the Missa de Angelis Gloria in D Major, you could borrow the first page and a-half of the Finale of Vierne 1, and then after the RH trill on A at the V7 chord, resolve to a big D Major chord and play the Missa de Angelis incipit on a loud reed to set up the celebrant's intonation.
    ... it could work!
    (Then play the whole movement as your Easter postlude.)
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  • I have always improvised this - ending (as described above by CGM) with a very distinct cadence leading into your Gloria's beginning, chant or otherwise.
    If you improvise it you could use snippets of the setting you are singing use as motif material.

    Otherwise, I really like Liam's suggestion just above. It's perfect!
    You might have to modulate into your Gloria's key though.
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    We did it at my monastery for Holy Thursday, Easter Vigil and Easter. It depends on who the organist is that day. Yes, there is more than one. In fact, the monastery has FOUR!
    You could email the monastery at and ask and I'm sure someone will help you.
    I remember when Sr. Maria would do it and still wear Birkenstocks playing the pedals!
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    If I had time, lots and lots of money and even more time, the beginning of the Gloria from the B Minor Mass.