Bach's "Piece d'Orgue," BWV 572
  • Does anyone know anything about this piece being associated with the Ascension of the Lord?

    I recall long time ago reading a statement to that effect - I believe it was in the notes of a CD or recital program notes. And as I recall, the claim was not supported by a citation, and that is all it said: something to the effect of "This piece has long been associated with the celebration of the Ascension."

    I've searched everywhere and can find nothing at all - forget anything authoritative - to support that statement.

    Can anyone out there shed any light on this?
  • francisfrancis
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    Don't know about the Ascension aspect, but here is a great performance on a very beautiful Fritts organ...
  • I've never heard this before, but can see why one might choose it for an Ascension prelude or postlude, i.e, because of the very joyful and ethereal opening section plus the powerful two-octave rising figure in the pedals in the middle section and the continuous upward movement in the manuals of the last section. I have played it for Easter before. It is really a very profound piece.
  • ghmus7
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    I have not heard this, however the more obvious theological association is with the Trinity.
    Three sections, of varying texure, dynamic and affect. The majestic middile section must allude to the Father. Then, perhaps the opening section alludes to the Holy Spirit, with it's light quick dance like nature. The final section represents the Son.
    a wondreful unity and picture of the Trinity.
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