New Year's Eve/Day... whatcha got going on?
  • matthewjmatthewj
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    One of those days when the EF and OF are different feasts... What's going on at your parish?
  • matthewjmatthewj
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    Prelude - Improvisation, Mode II
    Introit - Salve, sancta Parens, Mode II
    Kyrie & Gloria VIII
    Psalm & Alleluia - LCM
    Offertory - Lo How a Rose
    Sanctus & Agnus Dei VIII
    Communion - LCM
    Communion Hymn - What Child is This
    Recessional Chant (eve) - Te Deum, simple tone
    Recessional Chant (day) - Veni Creator Spiritus
    Postlude - Prelude on the Te Deum, Charpentier
  • SalieriSalieri
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    Organ Prelude: Es ist ein ros' (Johannes Brahms)
    Prelude Carol: What child is this (Adoremus Hymnal: 330)
    Introit: Hail, Holy Mother (Lumen Christi Gradual)
    Hymn: Dzisiaj w Betlejem (Polish Hymnal: 143)
    Kyrie: Mass VIII
    Gloria: Mass VIII
    Alleluia: Healey Willan (arr. from Introits & Graduals)
    Offertory: Blessed are you (Simple English Propers)
    Anthem: A Virgin most pure (ed. Keyte & Parrott)
    Sanctus: Mass XVIII
    Agnus: Healey Willan, Mass of St. Teresa
    Communion: Exult, O daughter of Zion (SEP)
    Hymn: Lulajze Jezuniu (Pol. 150)
    Hymn: Sliczna Panienka (Pol. 165)
    Te Deum: You are God (By Flowing Waters) - Plenary indulgence attached.
    Recessional: Angels we have heard on high (AH 323)
    Postlude: Improvisation on 'Salve Sancta Parens'
  • CharlesW
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    Entrance: Sing of Mary (Pleading Savior)
    Mass Ordinary: ICEL Chant Mass
    Psalm: May God bless us in his mercy - Joseph Sullivan
    Offertory: Ave Maria - Arcadelt
    Communion Chant: - Rice
    Communion Hymn: At That First Eucharist (Unde Et Memores)
    Recessional: Immaculate Mary (Lourdes Hymn)
    Postlude: Magnificat du 1er Ton - Michel Corrette

  • What Polish hymnal do you use Salieri? Is there accompaniment to it?
  • Prelude: Greensleeves (Purvis)
    Entrance: Sing of Mary
    Mass Ordinary: Mass of Wisdom
    Psalm: May God bless us in his mercy (R&A)
    Alleluia: Advent/Christmas Gospel Acclamation (Haas, proper verse arr. by yours truly)
    Offertory: O Little Town of Bethlehem at non-choral Masses, Ave Maria (Kantor/chant) at choral Mass
    Communion: What Child Is This
    Recessional: Hark, the Herald Angels Sing
    Postlude: In dir ist freude (Bach)
  • BenBen
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    EF Missa Cantata at St. Mary's in Pine Bluff, WI, 9am.

    Propers of the day (likely with the verses from the offertoriale)
    Mass IX
    Credo III
    After Mass: Veni Creator for the indulgence.
    Processionals will be improvisations on the chants of the day.
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    @jbmusicrose: We have the 1990 Spiewnik Stulecia from Orchard Lake (mercifully, out of print). It has no accompaniments, only SA settings, so either I improvise (my usual method for hymns that are frequently used) or use the harmonizations from the (old) hymnal of the Polish National Catholic Church or from other ancient and out of print publications.

    It is a terrible hymnal: there are musical misprints, there is only one verse printed with the music, and that is printed in a font that is sometimes illegible, and that is a different font from the verses printed under the music. The extra verses are not printed poetically, but as prose, and so it is very difficult to tell where lines end or where repeats go back to. The binding is terrible: I have been organist in this parish for 8 years and I am now on my fourth copy of the Hymnal (I have to transfer notes each time), the (sewn!) signatures fall apart, pages fall out, covers (hardbound!) come away from the flyleaves and fall off. The paper is extremely thin and tears easily. And in addition to that it contains, of all things, Polish versions of Haugen, Haas, Jonkas, et al. It is a horrible book.

    Well, now I feel better.
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    Not. A. Thing.

    In the Diocese of Salt Lake City (where I live) the obligation to assist at Mass for this Feast is abrogated (some kind of diocesan decree). Since my parish priest is back in his native Philippines for a month-long vacation (and maybe doing more, given what's happened there the past month) and was unable to find a sub, there was no Mass. Couldn't tell you was was happening elsewhere.
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    Rollingrj, that's the first time I've heard of that. I know some dioceses moved Ascension to Sunday and Hawaii, IIRC, got rid of all but two, (Christmas and one of the Marian solemnities) but abrogating that day is something I've never heard of.
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    We are in a small parish with no music budget, so all-volunteer. I couldn't get anybody to sing besides me, except for one person who happened to be very experienced in the chant and has sung with us for the last 25 years at least (this was the Tridentine rite). We know the propers very well, and Puer natus and Viderunt omnes (both of them), which I love, are repeated from the third mass on Christmas Day, It was quite exhilarating to be able to chant your heart out with somebody who was right there with every nuance. We sang Mass XIV (sans organ) and I accompanied Credo III to encourage congregational singing. The offertory motet was a three-voice O admirabile commercium from the Sicilian Renaissance and for communion we sang first Morales 3v Puer natus and then the chant Jesu Redemptor. Having only two people, for the motets we sang the two top parts and I played the bass line on a string stop that at least resembled a voice (i.e., NOT a vox humana stop!). I played a really haunting English (late 16th century) setting of O magnum mysterium before mass and a German Renaissance setting of Puer natus after mass (a xerox copy from the library, which I neglected to identify but I think it was from the Conrad Buechner organ book).
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    Elsewhere on the net, I've seen people state that all the bishops in California dispensed people from the obligation to attend Mass on the holy day January 1.
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    This was our first year celebrating the day as a Day of Obligation in the Diocese of Oakland, and in the past I've seen Sacramento's cathedral locked up tight on Jan. 1. A bit bracing, to prepare an extra Mass while losing two consecutive Thursday night rehearsals, even as we try to regain ground lost to December colds! The 7:00 PM congregation I think might have been bigger than any single Christmas Mass.

    Angels from the realms of glory
    Gloria de angelis
    Bogoroditse devo (Rakhmaninov Op 37)
    Sanctus &c XVII
    Lo how a rose
    O most virtuous (O SANCTISSIMA)
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    Richard Mix: our first year celebrating the day with chorus

    My records indicate last year (2014) also had a 7 pm Mass with choir.

    chonak: all the bishops in California dispensed

    Each year in mid-November the Oakland Chancery sends out a letter
    regarding Dec 8 Immaculate Conception and Jan 1 Mary Mother Of God.
    I wish the Saturday and Monday dispensation weirdness would just go away.
  • Richard MixRichard Mix
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    Thanks EFT,

    My records show I was in fact there Jan.1 2014 and we sang Bruckner's Ave Maria
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    Well, up over here, besides Christmas, January 1st is our only other day of obligation.

    When I first started my position, there was one evening Mass, fairly well attended and another Mass at 8:30 am attended by the daily faithful congregants (maybe 20?).

    This year there were four Masses. I understand the vigil Mass was well attended and we had two more in the morning, with at least 500 in attendance at each, so a good increase. I had an SATB choir and we sang the Biebl again, with string trio and "A Maiden Most Gentle" from Carols for Choirs as well along with the same ordinary as for Christmas.
  • not a holy day of obligation in Ireland. we have hardly any of them left.
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    Divine Liturgy of St. Basil for the Circumcision of the Lord. One of the happy feasts (like Christmas) where a civil holiday coincides with a week day feast day and we get to celebrate the Divine Liturgy at the proper time after the third hour.
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    On New Year's Eve we sang Vespers in the extraordinary form. The Vespers for this feast shows that it has always been a Marian feast, for the Marian psalms are used. The series of antiphons, beginning O admirabile commercium, is exceptional, and Josquin Des Pres gave the five antiphons the most exquisite setting; we sing the Gregorian antiphon before the psalm and the Josquin setting after. The hymn was Dufay's, the Magnificat was in faburden, and at the conclusion we sang a motet to our patroness, St. Ann, Jean Mouton's Caeleste beneficium. This was the sixteenth year that we have sung it, and it has become a beloved tradition.
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    I hope and wish to y' all A Happy New Year's and Holiday's !

    Love from,
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    Thanks! I would say we're in the final vestiges of it being acceptable to say "Happy New Year". Once you go past MLK Day, it gets weird.
  • St. Elizabeth Ann Seton
    Carnegie, Pennsylvania

    PRELUDE: Es ist ein Ros'- Brahms
    INTROIT: Salve, sancte Parens; Sing of Mary -- PLEADING SAVIOR
    GLORIA: Mass VIII/Mass for Four Voices -- Cima, arr. Latona
    PSALM: Guimont
    ALLELUIA: Christmas Gospel Acclamation -- Bridge
    OFFERTORY: Alma Redemptoris Mater -- Palestrina
    SANCTUS: German Mass -- Schubert/Proulx
    AGNUS DEI: German Mass
    COMMUNION: Exsulta filia Sion
    MOTET: Ave Maria -- Handl
    RECESSIONAL: Hark! The Herald Angels Sing -- MENDELSSOHN
    POSTLUDE: In dir ist Freude -- Bach
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    I usually have difficulty writing a new year in dates until about April or May (for example today I wrote a check-request and indicated it was January 2014).... so people may wish me a happy new year for several months.
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    I usually have difficulty writing a new year in dates until about April or May

    Be glad you don't also have to deal with the Gregorian/Julian calendars mishmash. It's even more confusing. LOL.
  • Be glad you don't also have to deal with the Gregorian/Julian calendars mishmash. It's even more confusing. LOL.

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    It is never weird if the pronouncer also presents a small red envelope.
    I will gladly accept same on and around the following dates ...
    2015 Thu Feb 19
    2016 Mon Feb 8