Performance Evaluation- suggested criteria and/or forms
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    Would any of you kind folk have examples or actual forms of music ministry performance review/evaluations? Our diocese HR has now made it a requirement for all paid (1099 or salaried) personnel. As I have four parishes' worth of folks, I'd rather not reinvent the wheel, thanks.
  • Melo,

    Perhaps this will be useful to you: Annual Reviews.pdf
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  • How exactly does the "diocesan HR" make it a "requirement?"

    I've always heard that liturgical things, musical things, etc., as well as things like contracts for musicians, et al could not be made "requirements," because pastors run parishes, and there are canonical problems with the diocese placing "requirements" upon them.

    Now maybe your pastor LIKES the idea and buys into it - or he won't rock the boat and will generally do what the diocese says to do. But REQUIREMENT? Under what consequences if you don't comply?
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    If HR wants you to use some thing then HR must create the thing.
    HR people in one diocese can contact their counterparts in another diocese for ideas/copies.
    After they do the legwork and edit/rebrand and promulgate the form,
    then you can fill in their form.

    Meanwhile maybe you want to wander around diocese websites to see what might exist?
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    I know you meant to put that first recommendation in bold purple, my friend. Or at least, you had to be chuckling as you typed. HR creating a comprehensive, coherent eval. form for musicians? Hardy har har.
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    Looking at the form from NPM, I had this question: How can the pastor respond to our self evaluation? Most of them think that all we have to do is show up on Sunday and sing a few hymns, and that any rehearsing with the choir is done solely for the purpose of stroking our own egos. If the Diocese wants musicians to do this and then for our self evaluation to be 'corrected' by the pastor, then the pastor should do a self eval., and have the musicians comment on it. Honestly, this is like something from elementary school.
    "Well, Mr. & Mrs. C*******h, little Charlie is a nice kid, and really bright, but I don't think he's reaching his potential. And, well, Mr. & Mrs. C******h, as I say he's a nice kid, but sometimes when he doesn't get his own way he yells at the sopranos, and it really hurts their feelings."

    Also, can the Bishop fire you from your post because you failed to gain a new volunteer Tenor in the past year. Really what is the point of this?
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    That's clever and truly funny, Salieri. Are you a parishioner? Are you my wife under nom de plume? -)
    Regarding the questions at the end, the bishop or pastor can fire little Charlie at will (we all all know that.) But as Ricky Ricardo once said, "You've got some 'splainin' to do."
    "Really what is the point of this?"
    The scandals, and the coincidence of the rise of the inevitable reactionary and "Brazil"-ian (as in Gilliam) dada absurdist entities known as "risk management .....HR......protocols....yada yada."
    Ironically, my wife is a paralegal. What would we do without attorneys? Why, then, did folks like Shickelgruber want them exterminated first? We gots ourselves a gen-u-ine connundrum!