Of historical interest: "The Psalter and Canticles"
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    Or rather, to use the full title:
    "The Psalter and Canticles, Pointed and Set to Accompanying Chants, Ancient and Modern, by the Rev. Sir H. W. Baker, Bart., and William Henry Monk, Professor of Vocal Music in King's College, London".

    This little book from 1878 provides pointing and music for the BCP Coverdale psalms, so that the same pointing may be used with either Anglican chant harmonizations or Gregorian tones. The style is rather antique and not from the high point of compositional art, so I don't expect that there's a lot here for our members to use, but some may like to look at it for historical interest.

    A PDF copy is in my Dropbox folder at https://www.dropbox.com/s/vdccjfujwne2st2/the_psalter_and_canticles.pdf?dl=0