Weekly Column for Church Bulletins: Third Week of Advent
  • Pes
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    If we were to produce a small column on the sacred music for Gaudete Sunday and its week (third week of Advent), what would it say?

    There are several large topics to consider, and of course (pace chonak below), one needn't write about all of them.

    1. The "O Antiphons," from 17 December forward. These are antiphons from Vespers, sung before the Magnificat.

    2. Gaudete Sunday's propers:

    IN. Gaudete in Domino
    GR. Qui sedes
    AL. Excita, Domine
    OF. Benedixisti
    CO. Dicite: Pusillanimes

    As we get closer to Christmas, it seems the chants become more and more exultant. I don't know how many of you are singing the full propers. (We will.) They're glorious things and require attentive practice.

    3. Propers during the week. Alius cantus aptus, anyone?

    4. Polyphonic pieces.

    5. The introduction of sacred music into parish life. Maybe you're just singing "O Come, O Come Emmanuel" without accompaniment. Maybe you're chanting a Chabanel psalm for the RP. Maybe you're starting to chant the communion propers with "Dominus dabit" from the first week. Whatever it its, now is the time to talk about the specific thing you're starting. No polemic necessary. Just write about what makes these little things so good.
  • chonakchonak
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    And there's no need to write about more than one thing. After all, you'll be there next Advent, and can write about another aspect then.

    If only homilists could learn this lesson....