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    Hi all! (I'm back after a long hiatus.)

    I'm planning on teaching a Gregorian chant course at my university — actually as a sub-section of our "early music ensemble" course. Now, I'm no Scott Turkington (that's for sure!), but I thought I'd try to offer what knowledge and experience I have gained towards sharing this wonderful music with others.

    My plan is to prepare the group for an end-of-semester performance in which we would sing through the parts of the Mass, in order. This would be a "mix-and-match" Mass, so, I'd choose my favorite Kyrie, my favorite Gloria, etc.

    I've got favorite and/or easiest parts of the Ordinary that I'd choose. But I'm not sure about propers.

    So, I'm curious if anyone has any recommendations for favorite (and/or "most important") Introits, Graduals, Alleluias, Offertories, and Communion chants — preferably, all from the Graduale Romanum.

    I'd really appreciate your thoughts!
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    The Easter morning Introit and, similarly, the Christmas Introit are historically significant because of their role in the development of Medieval theatre. (cf. 'Quem Queritas')

    The Requiem Sequence Dies Irae is culturally significant because of its use in all sorts of other music.

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  • Mark M.Mark M.
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    Yes! I was planning on programming the Dies Irae sequence.
  • Ooooooh I love this topic!
    I tried to choose ones that were to my mind all beautiful and pivotal. I put an * next to the ones I might suggest actually singing with chant newbies.
    *Victimae paschali laudes- bold drama, chance to discuss basic sequence form
    Ave Maria- advent iv- more virtuosic- arguably best melody written for Ave Maria
    Jubilate Deo- again virtuosic
    Christus factus est- example of group/solo relationship
    Alleluia Pascha nostrum
    Lauda Sion
    Viderunt omnes
    *Factus est repente- great example of text painting
    Nos autem
    Ad te levavi
    Haec dies- influential motives
    Viri Galilei- proclamatory
    Gustate et videte
    *Ecce Virgo
    *Gaudeamus- influential, discussion point for contrafacta
    *Puer natus est
    Propers from Epiphany- can't recall all their names...

    It might be fun to choose one from different parts of salvation history... which would give you a covert way to evangelize. :)
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  • Popule meus
    In splendoribus
    Hodie Christus natus est
    Lauda Sion
    Mulieres sedentes
    Gloria tibi Trinitas
    Some Ad libitum Kyries
    Mass XII, Pater cuncta
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  • Could you possibly say why these are your favourite? That would help me learn what you see in a particular Proper, which I would miss being a beginner. Thanks.
  • Kathy
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    Ecce advenit, for its word painting. It's about kingship and sounds regal.
  • JulieCollJulieColl
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    My favorite Alleluia is from the Feast of the Assumption. Recording by the monks at Fontgambault Abbey:

  • Communions:
    Passer invenit
    In splendoribus (Christmas Midnight)
  • My favorite are those of EF Good Friday and the First Mass of Christmas. Good stuff!
  • JulieCollJulieColl
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    Favorite Offertorios:

    Precatus est Moyses
    Jubilate Deo

    Favorite Gradual:
    Haec dies

    Favorite Communio:
    Primum quaerite
    Amen dico vobis

    Cantate Domino

    Favorite Tract:
    Qui habitat
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    Oh, this is fantastic! Thank you, everyone! (Keep 'em coming, please!)

    JulieColl, what a splendid Alleluia! Thanks for the link!
  • SalieriSalieri
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    The mode V graduals: Viderunt Omnes, Omnes de Saba, and Christus factus est
    Tract for Lent I
    Introit: Dominus dixit ad me (Midnight Mass)
    Comm.: Sedebit Dominus rex (Christ the King)
    Mass Kyrie fons bonitatis
    Any mode III Introit or Alleluia

    Gosh, it's hard to choose ...
  • MatthewRoth
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    Gaudeamus, Suscepimus Deus, Dominus dixit ad me, and Puer natus est Nobis for Introits.

    I can't really add anything that isn't already here... and yeah, mode I Introits are my favorite...
  • Puer Natus Est
    Ad Te Levavi
    Mitte Manum
  • Hi Mark, I augmented my comments above. Prayers for your course!!
  • Mark M.Mark M.
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    Hi friends! Long time, no time!

    I just wanted to briefly report that my chant class at the university went well. Four women, five men (plus me was six). The course was well-received and I'll probably offer it again next spring.

    Attached is the program from our end-of-semester performance. My thanks to everyone in this thread who offered suggestions and encouragement!
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    Ima noob, but after having sung thru several SEPs, I must say that my favorite so far is the Introit for St. John the Baptist's Nativity... another mode I introit.