WANDERER + Jeffrey Tucker = happiness
  • RagueneauRagueneau
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    Dear friends,

    Just FYI, Jeffrey Tucker writes a weekly column about Sacred Music in the Wanderer.

    Also, you can download the Wanderer online! (the first three issues you download are free).

    Please support the Wanderer and Jeffrey.
  • mjballoumjballou
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    Does Jeffrey Tucker sleep? He's ubiquitous, loquacious, knowledgeable, clever, and prolific. He also sings quite nicely.
  • I have an awful voice (except in the alto range but that is going too) and not very knowledgeable (as everyone here knows).

    I've really enjoyed writing for The Wanderer. What's especially nice is that they are willing to print gobs and gobs of endless commentary on sacred music. It's the first publication I've seen that is willing to do this (outside Sacred Music). The subscribers seem very nice too, judging from correspondence.

    I've heard people complain about the publication's past - feuds on this or that. but that's not my fight. I'm just really happy that they seem to be on the right side of this great struggle.
  • Jeffrey, please keep writing those terrific articles for the Wanderer - yours is the first article I go to every week - I really enjoy your insight!
  • Pes
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    Jeffrey has a terrific gift, and only God knows where he gets his energy. Jeffrey, are you growing some subtropical hypertrophic supercharged gingko biloba down there in Alabama? You can tell us. We won't report you.
  • RagueneauRagueneau
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    Jeffrey is truly amazing.

    However, I have a suggestion for you, Jeffrey. Would it be possible to add a few GRAPHICS to your Wanderer articles?

    In other words, possibly a tiny little line of chant from a manuscript?

    I think that would be a real eye-opener to many --- just a thought.