LATIN text of LotH prayers for December 17-24
  • Hello,

    Does anyone out there have these or know where I can find them online?

    Even better, does anyone also have, or know of, a literal English translation of these prayers? (Or can someone vouch for the accuracy of the ICEL translations in the current LotH English translation?)
  • We learn something new every day....

    Maybe this is old news to others on this list, but the collects (opening prayers) of the Mass, at least on these days, are identical to the prayers of the Divine Office.

    So, Fr. Zuhlsdorf’s site gives Latin and literal-ish translations for December 17-21, but not for the 22nd, 23rd, or far as I can tell, at least.

  • Dan F.Dan F.
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    This site has the full latin texts of Liturgia Horarum for Advent. No translations, though.
  • Ah - thank you!!

    It turns out that Fr. Z did have translations for the 22nd and 23rd.

    I had to take a stab at the 24th myself, though. How did I do?

    Festína, quæsumus, ne tardáveris, Dómine Iesu, ut advéntus tui consolatiónibus sublevéntur, qui in tua pietáte confídunt.

    Felipe’s attempt at translating:
    Come, Lord Jesus, we pray, do not delay,
    and by your coming may those who trust in your goodness be lifted up in comfort.
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    Well, don't let the urgency of "festina" (hasten) get toned down into a mere "Come". It's the key word for December 24!

    Here's my rendering. It turns the passive construction into active, but is fairly close to the original.

    Hasten, Lord Jesus, we ask, do not delay,
    so that the consolations of your coming may lift up
    those who trust in your kindness.
  • Yes, I see that many people want Christ to hasten so much that they attend Christmas Mass as early as 5:00pm on Christmas eve. Here in S. Florida, that's cutting close for sundown even. What happened to Christmas Day Mass? I remember going every year with my folks until I was old enough for Midnight Mass (don't get me started on the 10:30 Midnight Masses these days..)
  • Oh yes, these added anticipated Masses keep anyone from celebrating Vespers for Christmas..
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    Two other sites with these prayers available on-line are: - This site has the full Divine Office, ordinary form, in Latin, for each day. (Office of Readings is not ready yet; all other hours are.) A French translation is included (because the site is French). - This site has several interesting books to download, including a full 2002 Missale Romanum in Latin, PDF format (with a few OCR mistakes, I'm afraid). You must register to download (it's free).

    (Actually the Societas Laudis is affiliated with Schola Saint Maur --- or perhaps it's the other way round --- in any case, the same guys are running both sites.)