Pie Jesu instrumental prelude for funeral?
  • I will be playing for a funeral tomorrow which will be combined with the parish's regular weekday Mass. I know the rubrics regarding instrumental music at Requiem Masses, but the pastor still wants preludes at funeral Masses. I am thinking of playing the Webber Pie Jesu as an instrumental prelude. Do you think this would be a good choice? I think it might sound a little odd to the regular weekday Mass attendees that know the piece, since they don't know that there's a funeral until the Mass begins. Even in spite of this, do you think it would still be okay since the entire month of November is dedicated to the faithful departed?
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    Don't worry about it. If the pastor wants preludes, then preludes he shall have.

    Those who know the piece (a minority, to be sure) won't think it's odd, they'll just think it's beautiful.
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