Gregoire Chant Notation Software
  • WJA
    Posts: 237
    I've come across a bug in the Gregoire chant notation software. When I enter a blank punctum, it shows up on the screen as a blank punctum. But when I print, it shows up as a regular punctum, i.e., it's all filled in. Anybody know a fix or work around?

  • The only real workaround to bugs in Gregoire is Meinrad!
  • Carl DCarl D
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    I use Gregoire all the time, and haven't seen this. However, I never print directly from Gregoire - I export the music and then put it in PowerPoint, where I have the ability to add other information to the page.

    Gregoire has a number of... interesting ... behaviors. But I've found out how to work around them. One of these days I may get around to learning the alternatives.