Parish Book of Psalms Organ Accompaniment
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    Advent (Years ABC) attached.

    The verse texts are not included at this time due to some funky output from the notation software.
    Pointed verses will be included eventually.
    Small notes at the end of the first verse measures are for the flex. Not every verse uses this, reference the original scores. The chord for the reciting tones at the start of the 2nd measures will always be used - its timing will be indicated in the pointing of the verses (when included).

    Why should you use The Parish Book of Psalms?
    -No paraphrasing. Complete texts from the lectionary.
    -Free downloads if you want to try them out RIGHT NOW.
    -The organ accompaniments make them accessible to parishes and choirs not accustomed to a capella modal chant.
    -The accompaniments support the natural beauty of the chants, without distracting from them, and honoring their modal nature.
    -Standard notation for those who are not comfortable with neumes. Playing these while reading along with the vocal scores can help your choir learn traditional square note notation.
    -The accompaniments are simple, and can be used by keyboardists of any skill level. Manuals-only or with pedals, its up to you.
    -The antiphons are composed in a simple Gregorian style and the verses use traditional psalm tones, honoring our inheritance of sacred music. And the anti-Gregorianists in your congregation won't even know it! The psalms are singable, in the vernacular, and accompanied. Nothing to complain about!
    -Only ONE purchase necessary. A permanent book for all three liturgical years, unlike other collections which have parishes making another purchase every time the liturgical year changes.

    English responsorial psalms in simple plainchant settings with simple modal accompaniments:
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    EDIT: 4th Sunday Year B should have a D in the bass at the end. It's in the software but not exporting for some reason. OTOH, the rest at the beginning of 2nd Sunday Year B is set to invisible but still shows up...
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    where can I find this?