Vespers/Evening Prayer Dec. 8th
  • Does anyone know if someone has put together the music/chants for Solemn Vespers on the 8th? I'm looking for something that's a combination of Latin and English and I don't have many resources at my disposal. Any help would be appreciated!
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    The best I can do is to point out where you can find all the stuff in Latin. LU stands for Liber Usualis (1961).

    Go here and you'll have all the texts (hymn, psalm, canticle, etc.) lined up.

    Hymn: «Præclára custos vírginum» (words in the site above), sung to the tune of «O gloriosa Virginum» (LU p. 1314)
    Antiphon 1: «Tota pulchra es Maria» (LU p. 1320); psalm 121 (see the site above) in tone 1g2 (LU p. 113)
    Antiphon 2: «Tu gloria Ierusalem» (LU p. 1320); psalm 126 (see the site above) in tone 8c (LU p. 117)
    Antiphon 3: «Vestimentum tuum» (LU p. 1320); canticle from Ephesians (see the site above) in tone 8G (LU p. 117)
    Lectio brevis: «Ubi abundavit» as in the site above; sing it as in LU p. 123 (without «Deo gratias» at the end)
    Responsory: «In hoc cognóvi» (LU p. 1319)
    Magnificat: antiphon «Hodie egréssa est virga» (LU p. 1321); notice that the site above has the antiphon «Ave Maria» which is for the recited Office (not for the sung Office); for the Magnificat, see LU p. 207 or 213
    Preces: the site above uses alternative Preces different from Liturgia Horarum; you may do as they do and sing those, or go and find the original somewhere else
    Pater: sing some usual tone (e.g. Iubilate Deo p. 21)
    Prayer: «Deus, qui per immaculátam» as in the site above; sing it as in LU p. 98 or 100 (without «Dominus Vobiscum / Et cum spiritu tuo / Oremus»)
    Dismissal: if there is a priest or a deacon, as in Mass (see e.g. the Parish Book of Chant p. 19); if not, «Dóminus nos benedícat», as in the site above (sung as in the 1912 Antiphonale Romanum, p. 39*, without the «Et fidelium animae»)

    I'm not the right person to tell you about English translations...
  • There is a whole thread here under Vespers 101 that could be helpful to you. I prefer sticking to the Traditional Office for many reasons, including the Byzantine (pace Charles) process of gathering music and text for it.
  • I put together my own 95% English sung Vespers service for December 20th with the help of priorstf.

    i used Christian Prayer for the Canticle, Reading and Antiphons text, "Worship" for the english psalms and I borrowed the psalm tones from the brothers at Mt. Angel in Oregon. For hymns I used Ave Maris Stella for a prelude, O Come O Come and Regina Caeli.

    Let me know if I can help with anything.
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    Maybe you can give Fr. Weber, OSB, a mail and see if he's composed anything. If he has, he'd probably be glad to hand it out...