So my Schola just doubled...
  • Last night we had our weekly Basilican Choir/Schola rehearsal. (I run two rehearsals back to back since most people are in both). I noticed that we had three new faces last night for the Schola portion. Since there were only four members before (two of those being my wife and myself), we practically doubled! All I had to do to make this happen was move rehearsal back 30 minutes.

    I'm posting this only because I was happy, and figured the good people on this forum would be happy too! I also hope to encourage any of you out there starting with a small group that good things come from small beginnings! We start solfege next week, and hopefully (if our new attendance continues) we'll start doing something more complicated than Psalm tones for our EF Masses!
  • This is great news, Barnabus! Did you do anything as far as recruiting goes, or did they just show up? Hope it goes well for you! It gives me hope because I only have 3 members right now, including myself.
  • I had to work for them. I personally persued them for a few weeks when they showed a little interest. Then I moved everything around to accommodate their hesitations. Both parties couldn't make 5:00, but could make 5:30, so I moved it back 30 minutes. It seemed a small sacrifice to get double the people to show up!

    Personal invitations appear to be a must. Some people feel that they are not "good enough" to jump into a group without some encouragement. I had to go out and get them, but it was worth the investment to get them in the door. Now all I have to do is work on maintaining who I've got while finding more people to join. It'll take some time, but I'm hopeful!
  • Definitely, I think personal invitations really make a difference. The thing I keep running into is that people are happy about the schola forming, but then they tell me they can't sing. I try to tell them that I'm looking for members with all levels of experience so they would be able to learn to sing, but that hasnt seemed to work yet. I guess I just need to keep trying!
  • It's not a question of different levels of proficiency. I think most people simply don't want to sing. They use the lack of singing ability as a "get out of jail free" card. If they don't want to sing, they don't have to! The hard part is finding people willing AND able. I don't know if there's a good method of finding these. I haven't come across a tried and true method yet. Sometimes dumb luck Divine Providence is our only true help!
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    They use the lack of singing ability as a "get out of jail free" card.

    Yes, this is true of active choristers, too.
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