Love divine - Mozart
  • I have been asked to sing Love Divine by Mozart, and I can't find any such piece on the internet. Can anyone help me identify it? Thanks
  • ronkrisman
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    Perhaps what was really meant was for you to sing Wesley's hymn "Love Divine, All Loves Excelling" to the tune MOZART? But, if it was, that doesn't make sense, since the tune is iambic CMD (86 86 D) while the text is trochaic 87 87 D.
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  • lmassery
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    Could they have mean Laudate Dominum? same initials :/
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  • thanks all, I found some music - definitely love divine by Wesley, set to some tune, which is not the tune Mozart, so as the score says Mozart I guess it is set to some tune by Mozart. still can't find the tune anywhere on the net, so it will make it hard to learn by ear for my little ones in choir. if anyone has any inspiration on that let me know.
  • okay these lovely lassies are singing the tune - can you identify it?
    something by Mozart - any ideas?
  • Richard MixRichard Mix
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    It's a very nice Masonic hymn that can also be made to fit Lauda Sion. The first tune that crossed my mind was K. 468 with its organ accompaniment. This however is 8787 77, which works well with "Come O come thou quick'ning Spirit".
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  • Thanks Richard that's got it nailed down for me, and now I have found some scores and mp3's to put up as practice for the schola. Much appreciated.