Pueri Cantores in Ireland
  • For anyone who might be interested There is a pueri cantores day in Maynooth on November 22, youth and childrens choirs of all ages and stages welcome. Contact me to find out what music we will be singing. Our kids went last year and loved it!
    pueri cantores in maynooth
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  • Oooooooh how I wish! I will pray our choristers will make it asap.
    Ireland is so blessed by God in natural beauty. I simply loved every minute I vistied there.
    Have a wonderful festival day, and please enjoy it moreover for those who'd love to be singing with you.
  • Pueri Cantores Ireland are having another day for young choirs on Saturday 21st November 2015 from 12-4, including Mass, in the fabulous Pugin chapel in St Patricks College Maynooth. All welcome. Contact me for more details.
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  • and a new website for pueri cantores Ireland


    sorry can't seem to get it linked.
  • You sir, are a scholar and a gentleman. :-)
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