Propers for the Feast of the Holy Face of Jesus?
  • Does anyone have the Mass/Office propers for the Feast of the Holy Face of Jesus for both EF and OF? The EF feast was established in 1958 by Pius XII, and the OF in 1986 by St. John Paul II. We have a group with a devotion, and they'd like to start celebrating this feast. I believe it occurs on Shrove Tuesday (Tuesday before Ash Wednesday). Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    I have no idea if the assertion at this link about the propers provided therein is accurate, but consult at your own risk: Tuesday - Feast of the Holy Face of Jesus.htm

    Absent any other information, I would have assumed this observance would have been covered by an existing votive.
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    This is very interesting. It looks like this group in Lancashire, England, offered an EF Low Mass in honor of the Holy Face. Perhaps they'd have more information.
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    How interesting... Shrove Tuesday is also the Feast of the Scourging at the Pillar. This Feast has a Proper. It also has a full office.
    INT. Torcular calcavi
    GRAD. Dabo te in sanguinem
    TRACT. Super me confirmatus
    OFF. Conculsit me Deus
    COMM. Factus est opprobrium
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  • Thanks, all. I'll follow up with the group.
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    Is the introit the same as for St Ignatius of Loyola?
  • No, that's In nomine Iesu.
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    Sorry. I misread, in haste, as the Holy Name of Jesus. My badness.
  • I've discovered that the Propers for the Holy Face are the same as those for the Passion of the Lord (with the exception of the prayers). The chants are in the 1908 GR and 1961 GR.
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    See here,

    Those Propers seem to be used in quite a few Masses... We have sung them a couple of times.
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  • For propers dedicated to the Holy Face of Jesus, if you look in the excellent 19th century works, Analecta Hymnica and Historiae Rhythmicae, you can find exactly what you are looking for in Latin. The antiphons, responsories, hymns, and even a sequence can all be found under the general heading of "De Facie Salvatoris." These propers are all original lyrical compositions as well, so they are examples of the kind of beautiful poetry that was once typical of the Latin liturgy as a whole.

    Perhaps someone may still benefit from this? I hope so. ^.^

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    Wow! Thanks!
  • Here are a few excerpts from Analecta Hymnica. The first file is taken from Volume V, and is a collection of antiphons and responsories for the Divine Office. The second file is taken from Volume VIII, and is a sequence entitled Magnifica tua festa, which is appointed for the Mass.

    In particular, I love how this office for the feast of the Holy Face includes praise for St Veronica and her role in bringing this image of the Son of God to the Church. It is in the second responsory of the third nocturne of Matins, which begins with Ecce salus quanta per te, Veronica sancta...
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