The Psalter and Canticles Pointed...Ancient & Modern--Henry W. Baker, Bart & William Henry Monk
  • I would like to track down the musical edition of The Psalter and Canticles Pointed and Set to Accompanying Chants Ancient and Modern, edited by Rev. Sir Henry W. Baker, Bart., and Dr. William Henry Monk. (Not to be confused with Hymns Ancient and Modern, by the same editor).

    I found the words only edition.

    There should be an Organ/music Edition.

    I found the title in World Cat. But the descriptions do not indicate which edition they are.

    John Heywood, in the The Art of Chanting said this Psalter contains, what was then termed, "New Form" single Anglican Chant tunes, with a mediation of four notes that drops the last when the half-verse ends with an accented syllable.

    Does anyone have access to this Psalter?
  • Found it!
  • Would you wish to share where you found it?
  • I found it through Abe books in a bookstore in Wales, West End Books.

    I plan to scan the Psalter when I receive it and make an e-copy available for anyone who is interested. Let me know if you are interested, and In case I forget, ping me in a month or so (
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  • So excited! My Psalter came today!
    If anyone has any insight on how to scan this and make it publicly accessible let me know. I am contacting the Gutenberg Project to see if they can scan it for public domain.
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    It's possible that the book might be something CMAA would want to distribute; if you'd be interested in that, can you scan a few pages manually, including the title and copyright pages, and send me the images (at richardchonak at gmail dot com)? I'll pass them on to the appropriate folks.

  • Thanks!!
    The Gutenberg folks replied and said they could scan it in. That is my first choice because it goes into public domain. If things fall through I will keep this in mind.
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    The book is public domain already because of its age, so that's not an issue. Anyone can copy and share it.

    If they're going to produce a facsimile PDF of the book, please let us know so we can refer people to it. If they intend to do optical character recognition, then the musical notation would be lost, and it's not so useful. Also, the book would have to go through their good but very slow proof-reading process, which I'm familiar with as a volunteer.
  • If these folks you speak of would be willing to publish it and still let it be available online so folks can download it free, that would be lovely!
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    Sure; we do that all the time. I'll send you an e-mail with more info.
  • Chonak,
    I snapped some photos of pages in the Psalter and sent them in a zipped file through e-mail, via drop-box. I have never used that before so let me know if it did not come through or if there is anything else you all need.