Responsorial Psalm Options
  • If I'm not mistaken, the options are:

    1. The gradual from the GR.
    2. The seasonal RP from the GS.
    3. The alleluia psalm from the GS.
    4. The proper RP from the lectionary.
    5. The seasonal RP from the lectionary.
    6. The seasonal refrain from the lectionary with the proper verses.
    7. Psalms from another collection approved by the bishop.

    First, WHY?!

    But also, does anyone use #6? There doesn't seem to be many, if any, settings for those seasonal refrains. Can I mix and match? I would like to use the proper verses but seasonal refrains either from the GS or the seasonal RP from the lectionary.
  • Don’t forget that GR allows for substitution of a different chant within the same liturgical season. So I guess that’s 8 options, at least. :)

    I’ve seen this option but, like Penitential Rite form B, never seen it in use. Maybe it’s popular someplace outside the U.S.; in Canada, for example, it’s apparently commonplace for the Apostles’ Creed to be said on Sundays rather than the Nicene Creed.