Traditional RC Director of Music Ministries/Liturgy seeks FT parish position
  • I'm a middle-aged, experienced church musician; lifelong Roman Catholic, inclined towards the traditional style of worship with chant and traditional hymnody (but happy to incorporate the best quality contemporary church music, ie Proulx, Nester, Gelineau, etc.)

    I'm seeking a FT position with medical benefits for 3-5 years to enable me to go through the vocational discernment process to see if Our Lord is calling me to the sacred priesthood. (I currently live just outside London, England and so any offer of employment would involve a parish sponsoring the relatively straight-forward and simply, but lengthy (c.1 year) immigration process.)

    As a single guy with no dependants, salary is not a significant concern, nor is the style of church building, the type of organ, nor the musical resources of the parish; what is important to me, however, is that the Mass is celebrated faithfully and reverently, and that there is a focus on congregational participation in the musical elements of the Mass. A big plus from my perspective would be the opportunity to involve music in the daily Masses of the parish (even if it's just soft improvisation before and after Mass, and during the distribution of Holy Communion), regular Exposition and Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament, and the opportunity to be involved in pastoral ministries within the parish (such as taking the Eucharist to the home-bound and hospitalized.) Celebration of the Mass in Latin (either form) is not a pre-requisite from my perspective, but certainly something I'd enjoy.

    Musically, I can offer excellent organ and piano skills in both repertoire performance and liturgical music accompaniment, significant experience with vocal choirs (adult, youth and children,) handbell choirs, and instrumental ensembles. I also have good administrative skills, so am comfortable with many of the elements of a Director of Liturgy role (scheduling ministers, producing liturgical worship aides, writing the Prayers of the Faithful, organizing binders for visiting priests, etc) and have experience of organizing, budgeting and implementing lunchtime concert series.

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  • To be blunt, many here are "seeking a FT position with medical benefits for 3-5 years to enable" us to do what you'd like to come here and do.

    any offer of employment would involve a parish sponsoring the relatively straight-forward and simply, but lengthy (c.1 year) immigration process.)

    The requirements were once that simple but are no longer as the loopholes that made it easy to come to the USA for "ministerial" work have been plugged. Of course, it is only fair, since it is almost impossible for those of us from the US to gain employment in the UK.
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    I did the R-1 visa process a few years ago, after the "closing" of the loopholes. It's not impossible, but does take time and effort. Find a parish that really wants to hire you and they will pay for the immigration lawyer and process. It will cost them many thousands of dollars, but for the right person it is very worth it. The likelihood that they will come to you is not good - apply to positions that appeal to you, let them know what it will take to get you, and they will make it work if you're the musician for them.
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  • Matthew...why should a parish invest in a musician who intends to leave?
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    They can help him through the discernment process and potentially gain another priest for Holy Mother Church.

    A non-cleric R-1 Visa is only good for a certain number of years (I think 2 and then you can renew for another 3? I can't remember) anyway. Then you either have to get another Visa or have a path toward citizenship/permanent residency.

    If IMMIGRANT X were the right person to build a beautiful music program for a parish and they were all on the same page, IMMIGRANT X might also be able to find a replacement for himself when his Visa expires or his vocational call is clear.
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  • Thanks, Matthew, I'm well informed about the R-1 process and read law at university myself (sadly not US immigration law!) Clearly, Noel doesn't know too much about it, as he doesn't even seem to understand the process of adjustment! Incidentally, I hardly find the concept of two or three thousand dollars in immigration expenses a large investment over a period of 3-5 years employment...
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    Mine cost quite a bit more than that... But they hired the immigration lawyer whom we were told was THE BEST at R-1 cases. If you need a lawyer recommendation, please let me know.