Hymn text: prayer of St. Michael the Archangel
  • Esteemed colleagues: I know many of you are hymn writers...I would like some feedback on my attempt at arranging the prayer of St. Michael for 7676D. I have in the mind the tune AURELIA and to use it as a recessional hymn, but I want it to be good enough.

    Saint Michael the Archangel
    Defend us in the fight.
    And be for us protection
    From Satan's wicked might.
    Great Prince, through God's own power,
    Cast into hell, we pray
    All fallen angels seeking
    For souls to lead astray.
  • the phrase ' may god rebuke him' should not be left out imho. Its is an important part of that prayer.
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  • rogue63
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    My creative sons, as a bedtime prayer, set the St. Michael to the theme from He-Man. It's hard not to chuckle!
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  • matthewjmatthewj
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    I'm wondering if someone more clever than I could set the text of this prayer to the tune MICHAEL.
  • CHGiffenCHGiffen
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    I'm wondering if someone more clever than I could set the text of this prayer to the tune MICHAEL.

    Wouldn't that be rather like Cinderella's stepsisters trying to fit their feet to the glass slippers? MICHAEL has metre 87. 87. 33. 7, while the text above is 76. 76. D ... not even the same number of lines.
  • matthewjmatthewj
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    I meant writing an entire new hymn based on the prayer.
  • CHGiffenCHGiffen
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    I meant writing an entire new hymn based on the prayer.

    Oh. Well, the (short form) of the St. Michael prayer has approximately 90 syllables (not poetic, of course), while the tune MICHAEL has 43 syllables (with a specific poetic meter). Therefore, it seems that any attempt to set a (poetic) adaptation of the original text to MICHAEL would very likely require at least two stanzas.
  • I think it needs 2 stanzas as well, as it is of course very abbreviated. Or a longer tune
  • Liam
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    The linkage of the last two lines is unripe and needs further work. "Seek for" doesn't work. Seek [object] or Search for [object] work.

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  • It works to ST. THEODULPH
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  • I tried again, stretching it to fit 2 verses. Better or worse than the first time?

    O glorious st. Michael,
    Archangel of the Lord,
    Be our defense in battle,
    We pray with one accord.
    Against the snares of Satan,
    Protect us here today.
    Through Jesus’ name rebuke him,
    We humbly dare to pray.

    O Glorious St. Michael
    Great Prince of Heaven’s hosts,
    O vanquisher of demons
    And guardian of souls.
    Through God, Who grants you power,
    Cast into hell, we pray
    All fallen angels searching
    For souls to lead astray.
  • CHGiffenCHGiffen
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    Much better!
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  • Both Francis and I independently and unknowingly once both wrote hymn tunes to a text that was presented to the group by a hymn writer.

    He and I both were independently chastised, and that's putting it mildly, for having the nerve to write music for something that this hymn writer had posted. Extremely rude and violent postings put me off (and maybe him as well) from ever writing a tune to any of these resident "wordsmiths" who post texts but don't want anyone singing them to a tune that they have not requested and approved.

    What I am saying is that undoubtedly others have been burnt with this same stick...so if anyone posts wonderful efforts like this, it would pay to mention that if anyone would like to submit a tune it would be welcome.

    For me that tune wasn't discarded but ended up in sealing a wonderful partnership by a true Wordsmith of the Church, Vincent Uher.

    Now that man can write hymns. And he's not out for the bucks in it, which seems to have turned some...
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  • In that case, I will mention that I would be honored if anyone attempts to contribute their own tune to my text. Anyone is free to use or alter this text however they see fit. I am also open to anyone submitting improved versions.
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  • Here's a go, reduced from a more grandiose edition I attempted a few years ago.

    Think T. Tertius Noble or Ralph Vaughn Williams for tempo and (necessary) organ accompaniment
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  • This is off-topic, but Wendi sent me a Byzantine chant version of this prayer which my choir has taken to rather quickly. I think if anyone wants it, and asks Wendi real nice, she'll be obliging and give it to you. :)
  • Wendi? - pretty please?
  • I would send a copy, lmassery, but I'm too lazy to look through all the files on my computer at the moment. (It's Miller Time.)
  • Heath
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    Luke, I'll plan on using this text this coming Monday, thanks!
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  • rob
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    Me too, as a post-lude on Sunday, hearkening back to the Leonine prayers and in anticipation of Monday.

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  • OlbashOlbash
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    Here's a feeble attempt to meet Meloche's challenge (set the prayer to MICHAEL) composed over a few beers at the local saloon after five Masses:

    O Saint Michael, Great Archangel,
    Strong Protector in the fight,
    From all Satan's snares defend us,
    Let our Judge set evil right.
    Prowl they may, day by day,
    Demons with thy dagger slay.
  • @ Noel

    Hoping that constructive criticism of the tune is acceptable, I wonder if it would be better with the first word of the third line ("Be") as a pickup, matching the rhythm of the first/second line, avoiding the two eighth-note bit between the third and fourth lines. Something like what I mean is already there in the pickup to the last system.
  • Great suggestion, let me try this, thanks!

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  • Shamelessly bumping this thread in anticipation of the Feast of the Archangels on Sept 29th. This represents my one and only contribution to the realm of online sacred music :)
  • WendiWendi
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    I'm so sorry I didn't see this before. Here is a link to the chant.


    I introduce this to every choir I sing with. Heaven knows we need the prayer right now. Two churches in the area sing this after the "High Mass" every Sunday. I know the OF doesn't really HAVE a high Mass per se, which is why that's in quotes.
  • willschill
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    Great suggestion, let me try this, thanks!

    May I use this for a hymn at my church? We are St. Leo the Great, and St. Leo's feast day falls on a Saturday (Nov. 10).
  • WendiWendi
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    The link above no longer works, so attached is the pdf file...also a link to a recording our choir director just uploaded so you can hear what it sounds like....https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LVbPmP7p5OM
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