• On this page you can download a very simple Spanish kyrie that I wrote for my hispanic choir to use during Advent.


    My reasons for writing something very simple/basic like this were as follows:
    - I am sick of the annoying call/echo kyrie that we have been doing that does not preserve the structure of each verse repeated only once
    - The people in the choir can sing but they cannot read music and have difficulty with diffcult pieces
    - I do not have the musical skill to write something "fancier" but in any case I think this is good for now
    - Down the road I hope to have them start using a proper Greek kyrie: this is a transition (for now we are starting with the Agnus Dei; we'll add one Mass part in another language at a time)

    Anyhow, it's all on the above-linked page for download (PDF, MIDI, and Lilypond Source [UTF-8]). Many thanks to El Señor Chonak for his Lilypond help and to Fr. GH for his suggestion on a harmonization question.