How to locate and sing the psalms relating to the propers.
  • I appreciate the elegant presentation of the Communio antiphons and psalm verses.
    Our choir has now sung them, and we thank you for the resources provided here. It is extremely helpful having the verses available.
    In regards to the other propers- the introit and offertory: Where are the selected pslams' verses located, and presented in a form for chanting; Are specific verses used ? the entire psalm?
    Are they scored , pointed? Solemn tone? common tone? Do I need yet another source? It seems like every collection of chant needs three more collections or supplements ($^&#@!)!. These propers are sung for a few minutes during Mass, yet it can take hours to prepare the scores. Maybe someday we will have a monthly "Gradualette" to replace the "Missalette."
  • Here is what collecting liturgical music is like

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    The 1961 Graduale has one verse for each Introit. Supplementary verses are given in this 1962 publication:

    The 1974 Graduale has, sometimes, more than one verse for the Introit. (I guess the days provided with more than one verse are those days when longer processions at the beginning of the Mass are expected.) When this is not the case, you can use the 1962 publication above.

    Both the 1961 Graduale and the 1974 Graduale have no verses for the Offertory (save that of the Mass for the dead). They are to be found in an Offertoriale, but (as far as I know) this book is not available as a PDF file in the Internet. You can use the verses adapted to simple psalm-tones in the file linked to by Jeffrey Tucker in his comment above. Or you can go to
    and see if the entire Offertory with verses that you want is posted there. Be advised that this German site, kept by Anton Stingl junior, presents partitions revised according to some scholarly criteria I am too ignorant to describe or assess: this means you will find a few differences if you compare the partitions with the Graduale, the Offertoriale, or the Liber Usualis.

    «It seems like every collection of chant needs three more collections or supplements» Yes, I would also like to have a one volume edition of the Graduale having many verses for all Introits and Communions, set to the suitable Gloria Patri tones, plus the Offertory verses in full. Oh well, we'll have to wait.
  • Jeffrey : That clip really captures it in content and in humor! I am really having so much fun with this chanting; often the Marx Brothers school of interpretation is as satisfying (and necessary) as any of the other schools.
    As we are learning "In Splendoribus," and "Vidimus" - Ive found that
    not only do you need a breeder's guide but you seem joining a political party as soon as you sing a salicus.