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  • donr
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    Does CMAA have a place for articles on Sacred Music like this one: Singing the Mass - Part One?

    If not can we compile a list and post the results?

    I know that Bishop Sample has a few articles as well as Bishop Olmsted, but are there others?
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  • matthewjmatthewj
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    Though Archbishop Sample and Bishop Olmsted might have the best written articles/instructions on sacred music, there are countless others who have written about it also.

    I know when I was in Columbus, Ohio, Bishop Campbell gave a wonder exhortation during a homily for musicians of the diocese to sing the Mass, not sing around the Mass. It was never put in writing but was spoken before hundreds.

    There are countless other examples! I'm sure of it.

    Donr, you might consult your cathedral DM. I recently had a very nice conversation with him and he is very interested in sacred music. He even apparently hangs around this forum sometimes! I look forward to meeting him in person someday,
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  • donr
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    I'll do that Matthew, thanks
  • Dear Don,

    You might be interested to note that we published this very series by Bishop Olmsted in the Spring 2012 (139.1) issue of Sacred Music, available here.
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  • donr
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    Thank you Jenny,

    I was looking for more though. Is Arch Bishop Sample and Bishop Olmsted the only Bishops who have written articles about sacred music.

    I have all the Papal letters and Church docs but I would like more.
    I use these to back up the things that I say to the other music leaders in our church.

    The more I can provide to them about sacred music from authoritative source (the more recent the better), the more hearts and minds I can change. IMO.
  • You'll find that there are many such articles in Sacred Music - Msgr. Wadsworth, Bishop Sample, Alcuin Reid, Dom Mark Kirby, articles from various priests in active ministry around the world.
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