Gustav Leonhardt performs Bach (BWV 1004)
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    ...and the Goldberg Variations... what is better than this?
  • I started collecting the old LP's of his cantata cycle after rescuing several dozen from a record sale at the library-mint condition with all of the scores still intact!
    Thanks for posting, I needed something uplifting today. :-)
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    wow... jealous. is it possible to hear these somehow? which label?
  • The records come in a brown box, some of them have a label in the upper right corner that says Das Alte Werk/Teldec and others have Das Alte Werk/Telefunken. I'm not an expert so I don't know if these are two different labels or the same. I would imagine these were reissued on CD but never looked into it. I've been slowly using a program that converts them to mp3 format, but the records are dirty and I haven't been able to find a safe cleaner for them yet. I've seen these sets on EBay for between $20-40, and there must be a lot out there. My university library owns all of them, so when these were donated they sold them for $1 per record. Finders keepers!!!
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    They were reissued on CD. I have the whole set. They're kind of hard to find.
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  • Well, if and when I ever finish the project of converting these to mp3 I would be happy to share the files if no one has any serious objections to it, assuming you would, of course, only use them for personal enjoyment. :-)
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    Here is another source for mp3 recordings. Don't think they are downloadable however.!/search?q=gustav+leonhardt
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    Leonhardt is the master of what might be called the 'microrubato' those little articulations and inflections around certain figures he uses to give so much character to the music. It does not disturb the greater tactus, but just affect the 'local' rhythm.