Graduale Simplex: suggested use in ferias of OT
  • As a follow-up to Steven van Roode's successful call for a table for the Graduale Simplex: suggested use in OT, here is a link to a similar project:

    Graduale Simplex: suggested use in ferias of OT.

    The principles for suggesting antiphons differ from those of Steven's table, as this is an attempt to organize the GS-designated Ordinary Time Introits, Offertories, and Communions according to how music tends to be recommended for most Ordinary-Form Masses, i.e., themes found in the lectionary readings instead of the Roman Gradual or Missal.

    One sheet contains the table of suggestions and a link to the USCCB's lectionary website; another sheet contains the 24 antiphons and their English translations. Contributors may post suggestions via comment on the first sheet.
  • Paul F. Ford
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    Magnificent. Is there a way I can download this and change it for use with By Flowing Waters?
  • Possibly, though I haven't looked at how.

    As a stopgap measure, I've included the BFW numbers in the second sheet and will include them in the first as well. (Note that I've not included BFW's Suite IX.)
  • Paul F. Ford
    Posts: 855
  • ClemensRomanusClemensRomanus
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    Very cool.