• Earl
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    Could anyone point me out to where I could get organ accompaniments to the congregational responses to the Preface and wherever else possible

    Latin and English.
  • CharlesW
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    I don't know what you are using and is it EF or OF? For the OF if you are using the ICEL chant mass, they are freely available on the ICEL website.
  • Ben YankeBen Yanke
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    Is it really necessary to accompany them?
  • Earl
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    @CharlesW: OF. The ICEL website gives this..
    I'm looking for an accompaniment to 'and with your spirit'..etc

    @Ben Yanke: I know where your getting. But I'm considering this as a step towards getting there.(Provided its liturgically alright)..You see where I come from a place where the words 'propers', 'chant' will sound alien for a vast vast majority.

    On a rare occasion a preist might chant the preface...the Lord be with you..Lift up your hearts etc...
    Iv heard these and other congregational responses being accompanied and they do sound quite majestic.
    Im thinking this will encourage chant.

    You see I have me eye on having them sung unaccompanied, but looking to this as step 1.

    Please do help..and I'm open to all possible suggestions as to how I might introduce chant..

    *Our normal scenario is guitar masses..bad texts for hymns...no propers sung..words of the Gloria, Holy etc paraphrased..etc..

  • bonniebede
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    Nova organi harmonia has accompaniments, can be downloaded from cccwatershed, in seven volumes, one of the volumes has the ordinary of the mass including the little responses.