Roman Martyrology
  • Does anyone have access to an up-to-date edition of the Martyrology and, if so, would he or she be willing to post or email a copy of the entry for July 9? Thanks.
  • Paul F. Ford
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    I just scanned the entry and put in in my Dropbox for you: 9 iulii roman martyrology.doc
  • Thank you, Paul, but I'm afraid I goofed about the date. I was trying to determine whether or not it would be permissible to celebrate an EF festive Mass of St Thomas More on July 9 (the date on the 1962 calendar) using the English proper votive Mass. As the feast in England is SS. John Fisher & Thomas More, I wanted to see how the saints were inscribed in the martyrology (together or separately). My reading of the rubrics suggests that a festive Mass would have to celebrate both saints but that a IV class votive of either saint could be celebrated on any open feria using either the proper formulary for England or the appropriate common. In the end we decided to use the proper Mass for SS Fisher and More with Gloria and solemn tone.

    I'd like to purchase the Martyrology, but I discovered that is no longer operating. Do you have any suggestions as to where I could purchase editions of the Libreria Editrice Vaticana online? Thanks for your help.
  • rarty
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    St. Thomas More, and most all saints, are inscribed in a Martyrology (at least) on the dates of their deaths - so in this case, July 6th. But they are also mentioned on the dates of their feasts, if that is on a different day. So in the modern Martyrologium Romanum, St. Thomas More is named on June 22nd (his feast, with St. John Fisher) and on July 6th. In the 1962 version of the Roman Martyrology, they are named on the same dates, but not together on July 9th, or any date.

    I wish there was an explanation for paxbook's unavailability, which I haven't been able to access for many months. The new Martyrology is at least available through some Italian bookstores, such as the site of the Antonianum, here. It is more helpful than a version from the 50's for determining Masses that could be said on ferial days, even in the EF, because of thousands of additional saints (new and old). Be sure to get "Editio Typica Altera" from 2004, and not "Editio Typica" from 2001.
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