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  • The project to have all issues of Sacred Music back to 1975 on the web site is moving right along. We need copies of volume 121 (year 1994). Can you lend us your issues of volume 121? If so please get in touch with me or Jeffrey.

    Joseph Mansfield

    Jeffrey Tucker
  • Ok, I have now volumes 127-132. I'll put them up under the same naming scheme. But can anyone help with bookmarking them in Adobe or some similar program? Also they need titles etc.
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    The online archives have volumes 102.1 (Spring 1975) to present.

    Soon we will begin to have Fiftieth Anniversary dates related to the Vatican Council II.

    Is there some way we could start assembling and scanning
    periodicals from 1958 and onward
    so we all can be slowly acquainted with the milieu and the history unfolding
    as seen through the eyes of the organizations (journals) of:
    American Society of Saint Cecilia (Caecilia),
    Society of Saint Gregory (The Catholic Choirmaster),
    Church Music Association of America (Sacred Music)?
  • would love it too. dearly love it
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    Just wondering about a stop-gap measure until CMAA
    can locate and scan and host the complete sets ourselves.

    Given that ...

    American Society of Saint Cecilia (and its periodical "Caecilia" from 1874 onward)
    Society of Saint Gregory (and its periodical "The Catholic Choirmaster" from 1915 onward)

    ... were combined in 1964 to create ...

    Church Music Association of America (and its periodical "Sacred Music")

    ... is it within the rights of CMAA
    to declare all the earlier periodicals to be in the public domain
    and force all holders of scans available online
    to make their holding fully and freely readable?
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    nothing wrong with charging for public domain material but where is an example of this in particular?
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    in the field enter (including quotes): "catholic choirmaster"
    click button Search Books

    The first hit is ...

    The Catholic choirmaster, Volumes 9-36‎
    Society of St. Gregory of America - Music - 1928
    Snippet view - About this book - Add to bookshelves

    Click the image, scroll down,
    looks like University of Virginia
    let Google index the scans (scanner not determined by me).
    Looks like 28 years of scanned quarterlies might be within CMAA reach. :-)