Sung Masses during the week
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    There's something very wonderful about sung Masses during the week...

    There may be problems with doing sung Masses in the morning or noon daily Masses, especially if these are for workers who are either on their way to their daily labor or on their lunch break... but evening Masses during the week are usually attended by folks who REALLY want to be there!

    The folks at those Masses are less likely to complain about chant and will really appreciate the beauty being presented. They also are less likely to complain about homily length (for those priests reading).

    At our Cathedral we have our (non 6:30am) daily Masses sung whenever there is a Gloria and Credo specified. Additionally though we have sung Daily Mass every Tuesday evening (and Friday morning during the school year). Some Masses of local-significance are accompanied by organ music without singing.

    The Tuesday evening Masses are chant only and a capella (except when Solemnities fall on Tuesdays). They are sung by a lone cantor (who sings the propers), the congregation (who sings the Ordinary and dialogue responses), and the priest (who sings the dialogues, prayers, etc). The Mass is celebrated ad orientem most of the time.

    I was just putting together the music for this coming Tuesday and as I sing through these vernacular chants in my office, I'm truly blown away by their beauty. No, they're not the Graduale Romanum... But they're gravely superior to the Simple English Propers. The text and melody spin together so beautifully! I've attached the cantor-booklet for your perusal.

    The Entrance, Offertory and Communion chants are from the new Lumen Christi Simple Gradual, which you should order immediately:

    How often are daily Masses sung at your parish?
    Are any of the daily Masses non-sung but accompanied by organ music?
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  • I wouldn't call our unaccompanied daily mass sung--- its more like a yell, and City of God is all in quarter notes. I think some people participating have a hard time hearing themselves. It's not very beautiful, sadly.

    They do know the Agnus Dei though.
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    We have a sung weekday Mass every Wednesday evening. Benediction and rosary along with a novena to Our Lady precede Mass. We usually chant all of the parts in Latin and sometimes in English. The singing is quite robust. The propers of the preceding Sunday are usually sung at Offertory and Communion and there is a processional and recessional hymn. One of the servers generally chants the psalm (in English) as well as the Gospel Acclamation. People really like that Mass and at least fifty people attend each week.
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    We have sung Masses Tuesday through Friday, every week. I agree that people appreciate beautiful music, and are more interested in paying attention and singing because they are taking extra effort to be there. I prefer the Graduale Simplex as a seasonal resource for daily Masses in order to allow for greater sung participation, since we don't print daily service sheets.

    The repetition permitted by the GS is a great tool; I have sung the same Propers for all the Easter season with increasing participation from the faithful at daily Masses---no complaints at all. Repetition is not a cop-out: it is a real pastoral necessity. That said, I'm happy to finally move on to other texts and other music as we enter OT on Tuesday.
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    I've been known to do and get away with an organ Mass during the week.
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    What, exactly, is an "organ Mass"?
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    When I just play organ during the appropriate times, and no hymns are specified. I normally choose the ICEL melodies for the Mass setting so that it can be sung by the PIPs but it doesn't have to be. Obviously doesn't work for Advent or Lent: for that I will do the propers unaccompanied.
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    By way of full disclosure, I believe matthewj works in some capacity for the publisher of the book he's plugging.
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    He is friends with the founder and one employee, but is not employed there.
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    Yes. Thank you for saving me from this slander, Wood.

    I'm just an enthusiast for the product!
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  • At our churches, Masses that incorporate mostly chanted orations, propers, and Greek/Latin (Iubilate Deo) ordinary are held on Tuesday evenings, Wednesday mornings, and Saturday mornings. The morning Masses are followed by sung Lauds in English.

    At the diocesan chancery from September to May, the Vicar General sings a Latin OF Mass with Gregorian propers on the first Tuesday of the month, and an English OF Mass on the third Tuesday of the month. Choir of two, though at times it has been four. Readings are typically sung (in English) at these Masses, which are still short enough for people to be able to attend without overextending their lunch hours.
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    Ari ... oh, how I wish I were back in Madison at times like this!