pre-'55 Liber Usualis?
  • Geremia
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    Does have a scan of a pre-1955 Liber Usualis?
  • JonathanKKJonathanKK
    Posts: 399 has a 1903: here. Note that this edition is from before the Vatican edition of the chants came out, and the melodies are thus slightly different.
    Also, the St. Jean de Lalande Library over at Corpus Christi Watershed has some from various years, but unfortunately these are all fragments, I think.
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  • chonakchonak
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    I'm not aware of a pre-'55 Liber in our collection. Are you looking for anything particular? We have pre-'55 Holy Week material from 1923 in
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  • tomjaw
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    Most of my books are pre-1955, so could scan something if needed. Apart from Holy Week and the Vigil of Pentecost the pre and post 1955 versions are very similar, they use the same typesetting.

    If we go further back pre-1940 you will find editions with the more ancient Propers for the Assumption and the Sacred Heart, Also some of the holy Popes had Propers not in the Common that were omitted when the Mass of Holy Popes "Si diligitis" was added.
  • CUA, where I teach, has a board full of them beginning, I think, around 1920. I'd be happy to look something up.

  • About 90% of the pages in the first edition of the Liber Usualis with Introduction and Rubrics in English (No. 801, 1934) are identical to the last (1963), including the page numbers. For reference purposes it would be more useful to catalog and scan the pages that changed as new editions were published.
  • PaulGrady
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    With several of the FSSP parishes now using the pre-1955 Holy Week liturgy, a pre-55 Liber Usualis PDF would be most helpful. My own Liber is a 1962, which has been most helpful until our parish was selected to be one of the ones to switch to the earlier version of Holy Week. Any chance someone could scan a version from, say, 1954 and upload it to your Music PDFs page? Lent and Holy week are coming up soon. Thanks!
  • tomjaw
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    I have pre55 choir booklets for most of the Holy week services. I should be able to e-mail them, but they are rather large.
  • a_f_hawkins
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    Here looks like a possible source.
  • JonathanKKJonathanKK
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    You might find these useful:

    Liber Usualis 1924 (modern notation)
    Liber Brevior 1954 (lacks readings and collects, but has the chants)
    Mass and Vespers 1957 (with English translations alongside)
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