Graduale Simplex: suggested use in OT
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    Paul Ford gives a list of suggested uses of the Graduale Simplex (or By Flowing Waters, or Choral Graduale Simplex) outside Ordinary Time.

    However, Ordinary Time is treated very generally, as do the Music Suggestions of ("Choose one Antiphona ad introitum and Psalmus from any of the eight Masses for Ordinary Time").

    I would like to make a list of suggested uses of the Simple Gradual for Ordinary Time. Are there any of you who use the Graduale Simplex (in Latin or an vernacular adaptation) on a regular basis and would like to share their choices or music programs for Ordinary Time?
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    We do, but we only sing at one Mass per month, so I don't feel fully qualified to answer. When I get home, I'll see what we've done and analyze our pattern of selection.

    Actually, if I recall, we use OT I for Ordinary Time weeks 1-7 because it was originally for Sundays after Epiphany in the '67 GS. Lent IV was originally for Septuagesima, and I think OT VIIII was originally for the feast of the Holy Name(?). I'm not positive on that last one.
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  • One might do well just to treat Ordinary Time sequentially (at least initially), especially if robust/by heart congregational singing of the antiphon is desired and these chants are sung only on Sundays—more here.
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    When I was in seminary, we went through the eight Ordinary Time suites from By Flowing Waters throughout the week: Monday was suite I, Tuesday was suite II, etc. If there was a memorial, feast, or solemnity that took precedence, the Ordinary Time suite that would have been sung on that day was skipped that week. Suite IX was reserved for the last weeks in Ordinary Time. Now, granted, this was in a seminary and everyone was familiar with the antiphons and almost always knew them by heart (which, in my estimation, was a wonderful thing!).
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    We have been working with Aristotle Esguerra's excellent Choral Graduale Simplex. I have used at least one of his propers every week since October 2013. I have made no effort at all to coordinate the music with the Lectionary; rather, with a "learning" choir, I have used Aristotle's settings as educational material that has also filled an important liturgical role: both using much repetition and actually singing an appointed text. If I had the freedom to do so, then Paul Ford's suggested outline makes sense to me.

    On the other hand, the value of congregational familiarity with the GS antiphons is very high. We usually sing a proper antiphon at Communion and proceed to something familiar. Still, I have had my congregation, without instruction or prodding, spontaneously pick up and sing along with many of the antiphons we sing; if we'd like to try serious congregational involvement in the singing of proper antiphons, then the Graduale Simplex is the place to start.
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    Thank you all for your suggestions! I agree that, when the Graduale Simplex or a vernacular adaptation is being introduced or only used occasionally, it is best to repeat antiphons often or make selections from a smaller repertoire. But as soon as the congregation has become familiar with a core repertoire, the choice of antiphons may be gradually led by the proper texts from the Graduale Romanum or Missale Romanum.

    I made a public spreadsheet with suggested uses of the Graduale Simplex during Ordinary Time. Everyone can see this list and add comments.

    I tried to select antiphons which match the antiphons of the Graduale Romanum or have similar words/thoughts. I also looked for antiphons which match the ones in the Missale Romanum or have similar words/thoughts.

    I'm sure this list can be much improved. Please feel free to add comments, make suggestions or indicate errors, either here or in the spreadsheet itself.
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    Thanks to the suggestions from others (especially Aristotle Esguerra), the list of suggested uses of the Graduale Simplex in Ordinary Time is now complete.

    I put all suggested antiphons for the entrance, offertory and communion in the following PDF. Additional suggestions are of course still welcome!
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    Bumping this thread of a year ago.

    I added the suggested uses of the Graduale Simplex to my website of the Klein Graduale (a Dutch adaptation of the Simplex, similar to Paul Ford's By Flowing Waters).

    Now that these are online, I still welcome suggestions for further improvement. My aim is to suggest chants that are closely related to the chants of the Graduale Romanum, the antiphon texts of the Missale Romanum, the readings of the Sunday or the characteristics of the ritual part (in that order).