• Hi all, I know we've been here before, but I need to make a decision soon. I want to get cassock and alb for the men of my schola (I'm not going to be convinced to get them for the women) and white albs for the women. The local TLM priest is requesting something more than black and white dress clothing. Anyway, I'd like to hear your thoughts on two things:

    1. Where is the best place (for price and quality) to get cassock and surplice? Since we don't serve every Sunday -- only about 5 times a year at the moment -- I don't need something that is built to last. My main concern is price.

    2. What other options have you all come up with for women's scholas?

  • RagueneauRagueneau
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    For myself, I like maroon choir robes for ladies (no surplice). They basically look like maroon cassocks.
  • I'm kind of leaning towards the blue cassocks (hence not clerical) and capes if I can find out where to get them. See the other thread for that question.
  • David AndrewDavid Andrew
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    Have you tried C.M. Almy?
  • Yes, very expensive. Their online catalog is not as extensive as the printed one so I need to get one of those.
  • Last year after the Motu Proprio I was "volunteered" on short notice to be the altar boy (4o yrs) for the weekly latin mass. I frantically looked for a reasonably priced XXL cassock and surplice. There is an apostolate in asia (the Philipines, I believe) that will make a custom tailored cassock for about $100.00 in a week. I came across them on the internet. If I can find the site I'll post it. I had a friend make mine from an old butterick anglican pattern and she made the surplice from a photo. For the women in our choir we had a sewing party and made robes. Hacks like me cutting patterns and assembly line sewing stations.
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    I was just thinking about this question this evening. What about for a youth choir/schola? We are just beginning one in our Parish for mixed boys and girls. If you have any ideas, I would be grateful. I have read the other threads a little while ago. I am still wondering what to do about the girls. Thank you. Of course, special dress may never come to pass, but I would like to look into it. Thank you!
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    Mike - you might check around and see if any of the churches down there still have a cupboard full of cassocks from the earlier times. We were able to do that once with a youth choir in NYC. The cassocks did need a bit of airing after 20 years.

    I did a great deal of online looking at what women's scholas were wearing and almost uniformly they were in some sort of an alb if they weren't wearing classic concert black. However, I found that albs were also pricey unless they were really tacky looking. So we still squabbling around on what to wear up here in St. Augustine.
  • MJ, I'm kind of leaning towards the capes if I can find them!
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    Ancilla - for a choir just starting out I'd recommend keeping things simple. Black trousers/skirt and white shirt/blouse. With black leather shoes. This allows you to keep costs to a minimum until you gain momentum. In my experience the biggest beef will be over the shoes, but uniformity is important!
  • Thanks. We've gotten past the "start up" stage so I'm comfortable talking to them about a purchase now.
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    Dear Priorstf,

    Thank you for the recommendation! It seems much more prudent at this point. I never thought about the shoes at all, but now that you mention it, nothing ruins that dignity more than a large, clumsy pair of running shoes with the laces undone. Thank you!