Lauds and Mass on Vatican Radio
  • chonakchonak
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    Vatican Radio transmits Lauds in Latin every morning at 6:30 am Rome time, and Mass at 7:30 am Rome time.

    Care to listen? Audio links are at this page:
    (Use the "Channel 1" link for the stream that relays VR's local radio station 105 FM.)

    This week, Rome is 5 hours ahead of the US East Coast, so the times are:
    Lauds: 1:30 am EDT
    Mass: 2:30 am EDT

    When we shift back to Standard Time next week, that will be a six-hour difference, so the times will be
    Lauds: 12:30 am EST
    Mass: 1:30 am EST

    I haven't listened to these in a while, but at least today the Lauds were chanted by two choirs. It sounded as if the sung portions of the service were pre-recorded, and the reading, the Benedictus antiphon, intercessions, and Collect were all added later. Most of it matched my Liturgia Horarum book.

    The Mass was mostly recited, with the chanted Preface as an exception. The pre-recorded Introit, Offertorium, Sanctus, Agnus Dei, and Communio were added.