Can Agnus Dei from Requiem in EF be used in OF?
  • Ted
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    Would anyone know if there would be a problem with the choir singing in Latin the Agnus Dei of the Mass for the Dead from the 1962 Missal during a Novus Ordo Mass on All Souls Day? The Requiem Mass since at least Trent had special words for the Agnus Dei, but these do not appear in the Novus Ordo texts.

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    Ted K
  • RagueneauRagueneau
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    I was just speaking to a dear friend about this the other day. I am wondering the same thing.
  • GavinGavin
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    I would say no, but I won't tell on you if you do it!
  • Ted
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    More on this at:
  • Interesting discussion there and here...I'd say, if it is the choir, sing it. If the Congregation is singing the Agnus Dei, don't....

    It is not that the singing of it by the congregation would be wrong, but it would bring undue attention to the discrepancy between those in teh congregation singing it right from the page, and wrong from memory....
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    A lot of folks here subscribe to the theory of "Say the Black. Do the Red." To violate that now because we think that there is a better way is to do the exact same thing others have done in the course of "improving" things. I would say that you should select one form or the other of the Mass, but not get into a "mix and match" liturgy.
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    I agree, Priorstf, but I guess my question is, has the "requiescant in pace" been officially abrogated?
  • chonakchonak
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    For what it's worth, "dona eis requiem" isn't listed as an option in the 2002 Missale Romanum. If it were allowed, where would the issue have been dealt with? Notitiae?
  • It is a sad state of affairs! While I personally prefer it, I do believe it would be wrong. The problem is not with the Agnus Dei, but with the entire Rite of Christian Burial as we have it today. The "Requiem" Mass is basically no longer offered "for" the departed, but for those living, gathered at that time and place. And the goal is evidently to transcend (like we are supposed to at every Mass!) our here and now, and celebrate the rising up on the last day - TODAY! I do not agree with this emphasis. But I will say that I still prefer to play the organ for any funeral more than any wedding! But for me, please pray FOR me when I die. If not an EF Requiem, then at least cart me off to an Anglican Use parish.
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  • Kathy
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    I'd love to, but I won't. Same dilemma as at every funeral.
  • priorstf
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    Steve Collins says ...
    "...then at least cart me off to an Anglican Use parish."

    to which the only response must be ...

    "Oh, put him on the cart."
    "I'm not dead yet!"
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