Blessing of throats
  • All you musicians who sing in any capacity, I encourage you to get your throats blessed today, on the feast of St. Blaise.

    Good St. Blaise, pray to God for us, that as sacred musicians, we may use the voices He has given us to sing with beauty, with joyful praise, with supplication, and always to build up His body, the Church. May we be given the grace to cherish and nurture our God-given instruments as well as others' in our care, and to do so with joy in happy times and amidst trials.

    Pray for us who work in the service of sacred music, St. Blaise, that we may remain in the Heart of Jesus, so that we who have worked in the vineyard will also be able to use our voices to praise God for eternity in Heaven.
  • Flopped into the church with two kids in tow, in my gym clothes, just in time to jump in at the end of line and get a blessing. Phew!
  • JulieCollJulieColl
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    We had ours blessed yesterday at the end of Mass. It was a triple play: Mass, procession, and blessing of throats. It took about 2 1/2 hours altogether, but nobody was complaining.
  • CharlesW
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    The folks attending daily mass had their throats blessed. The majority of the congregation will have them blessed next Sunday after all the masses. No recessional hymns or postludes, just quiet organ playing to discourage talking.
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  • Blaise
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    As a premedical student, I ask for St. Blaise's intercession often since according to some accounts, he was not only a bishop and martyr, he was also a physician. Up until today, I don't think I've ever thought about the interecession of St. Blaise for my singing voice per se, but thanks for drawing our attention to it.
  • canadashcanadash
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    So may I bring my blessed candles and ask for the blessing on Wednesday?
  • CharlesW
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    Why not? Any designated layperson can do those blessings. You don't even have to be ordained to do them.
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  • TCJ
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    When I was a kid I had my throat blessed three years in a row and came down with some throat ailment very shortly after each time (severe sore throat, strep throat, tonsillitis). I didn't have it blessed for a very long time after that!

    I did have it blessed yesterday.
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  • Blaise
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    The blessings are not magic. Instead, the minister of the blessing (cleric or layperson) asks that if it pleases the Lord (italics-emphasis mine) then the person may be healed of diseases of the throat and other illness.

    Nevertheless, I find great value in this and other blessings.
  • CAN the laity do this? I was under the impression they couldn't.
  • Nevermind. Read up a bit. Apparently, if the priest doe the communal blessing at the end of Mass with hands extended and THEN individuals come forward, it is not truly a blessing but simply a prayer which the laity is fully capable of carrying out. Yes?
  • Blaise
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    There is a formula for individual laity blessing one person which omits the person from doing a sign of the cross over the person so blessed, but speaking for myself, I have never received a St. Blaise blessing from a layperson before.
  • chonakchonak
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    The formula for a lay minister is in the Book of Blessings. It's the same prayer as the priest prays in conferrring the blessing, but a lay minister does not make the Sign of the Cross.

    According to the Book's introduction, an acolyte or reader formally installed in that ministry by the bishop is preferred to fulfill this task, if lay ministers are needed. (Alas, few parishes have such acolytes or readers.)

    Other non-ordained people may conduct these rites by virtue of their office (e.g., parents for their children) or if they are assigned by the bishop (e.g., catechists or religious sisters and brothers). I didn't find anything to clarify whether pastors or other priests may assign lay people to this role, but I can't claim to have read the book thoroughly.
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  • CharlesW
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    I have never known much about St. Blaise, other than he is mentioned once a year and throats get blessed. A dear friend swears she will never get her throat blessed again, since throat illnesses followed every blessing in the past. I stay in the organ loft half a block away and play during the blessing, so I never get down front to be blessed. We used to have a priest who used burning candles, which added a bit of drama. This was in the days of teased hair and heavy hairspray.
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  • davido
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    Wow, I don’t remember ever reading this comment before, Charles! Burning candles?! And people still came forward for the blessing!?
  • tomjaw
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    We blessed the candles on Candlemas, and after Mass today we had the blessing of throats before Exposition. The children choir who rehearse today had their throats blessed just before the rehearsal which follows Benediction.

    Here is the text of the blessing of the candles and of the Throats, from the English edition of the Rituale.
  • CharlesW
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    davido, yep, burning candles. It was years ago and the future priests went to red ribbons tied around the candles. I think the burning candles must have been the way it was originally done.
  • davido
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    Yes, I have seen on the social medias several old paintings of St Blaise administering a throat blessing, and his candles are always aflame.
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  • DavidOLGCDavidOLGC
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    Our church blessed the candles on Candlemas, and yesterday we had the Blessing of Throats after Mass. I wrapped up the last organ music in time to get in line and have my throat blessed. The priest used the Latin form of the prayer, too.

    I'm curious if there will be any more blessings at today's Sunday Masses.
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  • CatholicZ09
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    We did the blessing of throats at the end of today’s Mass. Our pastor usually does it on the weekend closest to Feb. 3.
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  • davido
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    Ours as well
  • Steve QSteve Q
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    I have a priest friend who has been using burning candles for the blessing for many years. The people seem to love it.
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