Planning a one hour Gregorian chant seminar
  • Hello everyone,
    A former professor of mine has asked me to give a one hour seminar on Gregorian chant this Friday for a music history class at a small, Christian university. (I completed my music degree there a couple years ago... and oddly enough it is the very same music history course that I took two and half years ago which sparked my interest in Gregorian chant and began my journey into the realm of sacred music!) My former professor gave me a few vague concepts to cover but he is essentially letting me plan the lesson... a new experience for me! (I direct 3 church choirs and I weave instruction on chant into rehearsals, but I have never actually taught a formal class on Gregorian chant.) I have plenty of ideas but I'm finding it difficult to consolidate them and cut to the heart of the matter. I’d like to cover the history of chant, its connection to the liturgy, chant notation, have the class sing some chants, and let them experience and discover the beauty of chant for themselves. I would appreciate any suggestions on particular details to include, how to organize the class, any essential chants to go over and such. Any ideas?
    Thank you!
  • And here just the other day user Carl Niemeyer posted Free Materials for Introductory Gregorian Chant Workshop. There may be stuff in there that will help.
  • People have used A Beginner's Guide to Reading Gregorian Chant Notation in a 45' minute class to get people started with reported success. Free downloads and printed books available.
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    Gosh, good luck. Such a wealth of material, such a lot of theory.

    I'd only suggest further, that for one or two or a few of those listening to you: you might change their life. So do your best!!
  • Thank you for sharing these resources - they are helpful!

    mrcopper, that's a good point. I suppose one can never know how she will impact others. It's funny you should mention it because the very thing you said might happen for one or two in the class did happen to me not so long ago! I certainly aim to do my best!