Feast of the Presentation: What are your plans?
  • kevinfkevinf
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    St. James Elizabethtown:

    Blessing of Candles, Procession and Mass
    Prelude; Prayer of St. Gregory Hovhaness (Trumpet and Organ)
    Propers from Aristotle Esguerra's Setting for the Feast of the Presentation
    Ordinary; Mass of St. Francis Duckworth
    Nunc Dimittis (1979) Geoffrey Burgon

    Postlude: Diptych Piece Terminale from l'Orgue Mystique Suite n.11 Tournemire (My favorite use of Lumen ad revelationem)
  • Nunc Dimittis, Josquin
    Arise Shine for thy Light is Come, Elvey

    Introit for Presentation, from the Chris Tietze collection
    Communion: Lumen ad revelationem gentium, with English trans. from Worship IV
    O Light of Gentile Nations, Worship IV
  • Nisi
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    Is the Kyrie omitted?
  • Mount Calvary Church (Roman Catholic, Anglican Use)
    Baltimore, Mary-land
    Byrd - Candlemas propers (ND, Pro, IN, GR, AL, OF, CO) from Gradualia I (1605)
    Byrd - Mass for Five voices
  • Nisi, I'm not sure. The Missal doesn't seem to indicate that it is omitted. Here's the text:

    8. As the procession enters the church, the entrance antiphon of the Mass is sung. When the priest has arrived at the altar, he venerates it and, if appropriate, incenses it. Then he goes to the chair, where he takes off the cope, if he used it in the procession, and puts on a chasuble. After the singing of the hymn Gloria in excelsis (Glory to God in the highest), he says the Collect as usual. the Mass continues in the usual manner.

    The Graduale Simplex, however, states:
    Omittitur Kyrie eleison et cantatur hymnus Gloria in excelsis Deo.

    Best answer: Ask your Priest and do what he says, lol.
  • Hard to say. The Gradual says it is omitted. The Missal doesn't, but implies it is. And usually the initial rites are omitted when replaced by "something else".

    This discussion is a dupe of http://forum.musicasacra.com/forum/discussion/10168/presentation-of-the-lord-22
  • Does the Ordo Cantus Missae say anything about it? Just curious.
  • This is all very fascinating. As I am still new to this, please forgive my ignorance. I have read through this thread and the one Andrew posted above. Is the Blessing of Candles and Procession, or Solemn Procession as outlined in the Missal optional? Can a priest elect to just have a "usual" Sunday Mass and use the Collect and other prayers and the Preface for this Feast?
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    Propers etc from LCM, except Lumen ad rev. from LU and Alleluia from GR.
    Probably "Of the Father's Heart" (arr. either Wilcocks or Cleobury; will decide later).

    Gloria VIII; Sanctus & Agnus: Willan, Mass of St. Teresa (Same settings used during Christmas season).
  • matthewjmatthewj
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    Cathedral of SS Simon and Jude, Phoenix
    Propers from Lumen Christi Missal (TV Mass), Gregorian Introit and Communio (Solemn Mass)
    Ordinary Mass VIII
    Motets: Alma Redemptoris Mater (Palestrina), Alleluia (Boyce)
    Hymns: Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence, Now Let Your Servant Go in Peace
    Organ: Titelouze and Yon.
  • JulieCollJulieColl
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    EF Celebration at St. John's Cemetery Chapel, Queens, NY

    Entrance: Hail to the Lord who comes (Old 120th)
    Lumen ad revelationem
    Adorna Sion
    G.R. Propers for the Feast of the Presentation
    Offertory: Creator Alme Siderum (Burchard)
    Communion: O Salutaris Hostia (de la Rue)
    Closing: How bright appears the morning star (Frankfort)

    Mass setting: DuMont's Missa Regia I
  • The Missal does not make the blessing etc optional. The rubrics are slightly similar to those for Palm Sunday, where there are various choices but none of them is d) ignore the above.

    However, the Canadian ordo says "candles may be blessed", which sounds like option d) to me. I think your mileage may vary.
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    The Missal does not appear to allow for a "normal Mass". Either a full blown procession with candles or a gathering at a separate place in the church with the candles.
  • St. John Bosco Latin Mass Community, Carmel, IN:

    Solemn Procession and Blessing of Candles from the Liber Usualis
    Byrd's Mass for Three Voices
    Gloria XV
    Offertory: Caccini Ave Maria
    Communion: Grieg Ave Maris Stella
    Recessional: O Worship the King Hanover
  • Ben YankeBen Yanke
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    At my 7am EF Mass, we'll be doing the full proccession and blessing, with all the liber propers and Mass VIII, plus organ processionals and interludes. I'm only directing, we have an organist, so I'm not sure what he'll be doing for those parts.

    At my OF Mass later in the morning at a diocesan youth rally (the reaction to last year's rally that I also assisted with can be found here), we'll be using the following. I'll be both playing and directing.

    Prelude: flor peeters: 60 short pieces: no 36
    hymn before procession: (More or less a prelude, servers and celebrant will enter afterward) Sing of Mary
    Introit: (During the processiomn) SEP, opt. 2 (ecce advenit)
    Gloria: Gloria simplex - proulux
    Psalm: Yanke
    Alleluia: easter lauds alleluia (mode vi)
    Offertory : SEP diffusa est gratia
    After chant: improvisation, if needed, or the Peeter's piece if not used before Mass.
    Sanctus, agnus: jubilate deo
    Men acc: Save Us, ICEL
    Communion chant i: SEP responsum - cantor only
    Communion chant ii: o taste and see, weber
    Hymn after communiom: O God, Beyond all Praising, with proulux's introduction to fill time (if communion isn't finished yet)
    Recessional: Where Charity and Love Prevail
  • GavinGavin
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    If I had a copy and time to learn it, I'd LOVE to play Dupre's "Lumen ad Revelationem Gentium".

    At my (Episcopal) church, prelude will by Jongen's Chorale from 4 Pieces, choir will sing the Nunc Dimittis from Noble's Service in B Minor, and for the postlude, I will improvise on "Lumen ad Revelationem".
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  • Gavin, Noble's "Nunc Dimittis" is a luscious piece of music.
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  • I won't be able to do the music that I want in one church, but at least the guitarist will be away this Sunday!
  • CGM
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    Basilica of St. John the Evangelist, Stamford, CT
    [all Masses in the Ordinary Form]

    4pm Vigil Mass with Volunteer Choir
    Processional Hymn: Hail To The Lord Who Comes (Old 120th)
    Ordinary: ICEL chants
    Responsorial Psalm: Parish Book of Psalms
    Gospel Acclamation: Gregorian plainsong, mode V
    Offertory Motet: Graciousness is poured out (SATB), Mueller
    Communion Motet: Nunc dimittis, tone 8 (SATB), Palestrina

    10am Solemn Mass with Schola Polyphonica (the professional choir), joined (on *) by the St. John's Children's Choir
    Motet at the procession: Lumen ad revelationem (SATTB), Palestrina
    Introit: Suscepimus Deus (SATB), chant arr. Mueller
    Gloria: Missa brevis (SATB), Palestrina
    *Responsorial Psalm: Mueller Psalter
    *Gospel Acclamation: Gregorian plainsong, mode V
    Offertory antiphon: Diffusa est gratia (Gregorian plainsong, mode VIII)
    *Offertory motet I: Nunc dimittis (SATB), Victoria
    Offertory motet II: Senex puerum portabat (SSATB) prima pars, Palestrina
    Sanctus: Missa brevis (SATB), Palestrina
    *Agnus Dei: plainsong Mass IV (Cunctipotens genitor Deus)
    Communion antiphon: Lætabimur in salutari tuo (Gregorian plainsong, mode VIII)
    Communion motet: Senex puerum portabat (SSATB) secunda pars, Palestrina

    12noon Gregorian chant Mass with men's schola
    Complete chanted propers:
    Introit - Suscepimus Deus, mode I
    Gradual - Suscepimus Deus, mode V
    Alleluia - Senex puerum, mode I
    Offertory - Diffusa est gratia, mode VIII
    Communion - Lætabimur in salutari tuo, mode VIII
    Complete chanted Ordinary:
    - Mass XI, Orbis factor
    Sung Credo:
    - Credo III, mode V

    Click here to download our music booklet for the weekend.
  • JulieCollJulieColl
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    CGM, wish I were available to attend the 10 am Mass! You have a splendid line-up there.
  • Minor Basilica of the Immaculate Conception (TLM) 5:00pm
    *Since we have Vespers (OF) with Benediction right before Mass, we won't have a prelude.

    Antiphons before Mass from LU:
    Lumen ad revelationum
    Exsúrge, Dómine
    Adórna thálamum
    Obtulérunt pro eo Domino

    Mass VIII Ordinary
    Gradual-GABC psalm toned
    Alleluia-GABC simple psalm toned
    *Tract- Nunc dimíttis- We did something different (hopefully not an abuse) and reused the Lumen Antiphon (since it is the text of the Nunc dimíttis) and will simply sing through all of the verses with the Lumen response only sung at the very end as the text lines up.
    Credo III
    Offertory-GABC psalm toned

    The Organist will play a postlude of his choice.

    We are still getting used to singing chant. I've discovered that the GABC app for Chrome has worked beautifully for our fledgling schola. Since we're getting more comfortable reading chant, we decided to tackle the antiphons before Mass, and the Introit and Communion in their original settings. We hope to do all of the propers from the Liber next year! Maybe we'll recruit some more singers and be able to do a polyphonic setting of the Ordinary like Byrd's for Three Voices. Here's hoping!
  • Cathedral of Saint Joseph, Sioux Falls

    (At choir Mass)
    Prelude - Salvation is created -Tschesnokoff
    Missal Antiphons for Entrance
    Entrance Hymn - Immortal, Invisible
    Psalm - Guimont
    Offertory - O Thou The Central Orb - Charles Wood
    Communion - SEP + Beautiful Savior (arr. Christenson)
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  • CGM
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    Dear Julie -

    Thanks for your kind words. We're just a MetroNorth ride away!
  • JulieCollJulieColl
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    Someday I'm going to take a day off from Queens and visit! It sounds like heaven. : )
  • BruceL
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    We had big plans for all the Gregorian propers at both Sunday Masses, etc., along with a bunch of other stuff, but SNOWMAGEDDON (and me being sick last week!) has quashed that. We are doing the introit, other propers in English, and Palestrina Alma Redemptoris Mater. Were going to introduce Gloria XI this weekend, but rector is out of town so that will wait a week. Have fun, everyone!
  • BruceL, I can identify with that. Our choir has met more resistance in preparing for this feast, than any other I can remember. It would seem as if the adversary has a particular disdain for the resurgence of Candlemas.

    Ours will be an EF celebration. Perhaps the piece of music I am most looking forward to is "Stirps Jesse" (Cantus Selecti).
  • CharlesW
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    I have had to cancel rehearsal this week because of snow. On top of that, the priests could not quite decide what they wanted to do concerning blessing of candles. Other than ICEL chant mass parts, hymns, and organ pieces I have no idea what else we may do until I get there.
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  • Saint Edward, Newark, CA 10:00 AM Missa Cantata (OF)
    Blessing of Candles: Antiphon "Ecce Dominus noster"
    Solemn Entrance: "Lumen ad revelationem gentium" with "Nunc dimittis"
    Introit: "Suscepimus Deus" (Graduale Romanum)
    Gloria: Missa 'L' Hora Passa' ... Viadana
    Lessons chanted, cantors intone Gradual and Alleluia (GR), Deacon chants Gospel
    After Gospel: "Alleluia al vangelo" ... A. Gabrieli
    Credo I
    Offertory: "Diffusa est gratia" (GR) followed by Palestrina motet: "Diffusa est gratia"
    Sanctus VIII, EP 1 chanted, Mysterium fidei, Amen from Victoria, Pater noster
    Agnus Dei: Missa 'L' Hora Passa' ... Viadana
    Communio: "Responsum accepit Simeon" w/ Nunc dimittis & Ps 47 (Richard Rice)
    Retiring Procession: "Alma Redemptoris Mater" ... Palestrina
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  • lmassery
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    St. Joseph in Strongsville, OH

    Antiphon at the Blessing of Candles: Simple Choral Gradual
    Christ Be Our Light
    Of the Father's Love Begotten
    Communion Antiphon: Andrew Motyka from communionantiphons.org
    Now Let Your Servant Go
  • St Margaret Mary's, Merrylands.

    I'll be using a metricised version of the Canticle of Simeon as the processional and "Christ be our Light" as the second communion hymn.

    Otherwise mostly the regular mass setting.

    I've developed the practice of always usig one of two communion hymns followed by another hymn. This way there is at least a bit of regular music that the parishioners will always know.
  • Liam
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    I've got to finish my Anthem for The Marmota Monax, based on Isaiah 60:1.
  • CGM
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    Liam -

    I think Ned Rorem beat you to it.
  • Procession chants and propers from the LU, 5/10 modified for time.
    Early start and Simplified Adorna, Responsum, Obtulerunt so Mass isnt too long catechism doesn't have to be canceled.
    Gradual and Alleluia verses simplified, a la Richard Rice.
    Mass IX
    Credo III

    Ave Maria, Victoria
    Alma Redemptoris, simple chant and Palestrina
    Hail, Holy Queen during procession and as a final hymn. People sing it with gusto.

    Organ prelude, improvs, postlude
  • canadashcanadash
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    Candle lighting: from the Roman Missal: Behold our Lord will come with power...
    Procession: Nunc Dimittis: Walmisley
    Introit, Offertory and Communion propers: SEP
    Mass XI
    Communion Hymn: Of the Father's Love Begotten
    Post Communion: "A Maiden Most Gentle": Carter (I've tweaked the last two verses omitting references to Christmas and the wisemen.)
    Final Procession: Praise the Lord, Ye Heavn's Adore Him
  • Aaron
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    I was able to have my schola sing the Byrd "Hodie Beata Virgo" at Mass today.
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  • JulieCollJulieColl
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    We're still basking in the glow from our beautiful Mass this morning. We processed around the chapel outdoors in the cemetery since the weather was fine, and there was a blessing of throats after Mass so the liturgy was lengthy but it didn't feel long at all----in fact, I didn't want to leave after Mass, it was such a lovely, festive morning.

    We debuted Burchard's Creator Alme Siderum as our Offertory motet, and it really captured the theme of the day.

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  • SalieriSalieri
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    Final program for Candlemas:

    10:30 am OF (Our Lady of Czestochowa, Turners Falls, MA)

    Preludes and incidental organ music from: Livres des Noels, D'Aquin & Dandrieu

    Ant. 'Behold' (Lumen Christi)
    -Blessing of candles
    Lumen ad revelationem (Liber Usualis)
    Introit: 'Behold our sovereign Lord' (Lumen Christi)

    Kyrie & Gloria Mass VIII

    Resp. Ps. (Lumen Christi)
    Alleluia: Mode II melismatic from PBC-2, verse from Lectionary

    Offertory from Lumen Christi
    Carol: "Triumfy Krola niebieskiego"

    Santus: Mass of St Teresa, Willan
    -Acclamation C, RM3
    -Amen: Mass of St Theresa, Shenk
    Agnus: Mass of St Teresa, Willan

    Communion from Lumen Christi, w/ verses
    Anthem: 'Of the Father's Heart' Arr. Cleobury
    Hymn: My chcemy Boga

    Recessional: Joy to the World.
    Postlude: In dulci Jubilo, JSB
  • jefe
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    At Holy Trinity Episcopal, Nevada City CA, we celebrated the Presentation of our Lord Jesus Christ in the temple with Compline and the ladies of Voces angelorum (SSAT). Our Compline is a kind of Anglican/Catholic hybrid as we do much of the service with Gregorian and Ambrosian Chant and much of the service in Latin but use the 2005 edition of An Order for Compline by the Royal School of Church Music and the Plainsong and Medieval Music Society.
    The 26 minute, late night office began with
    1. Hodie beata virgo Maria by Richard Sheppard (b.1964). SSAT. What a great orison for Compline and Candlemas. Sung in Latin, It is especially for The Presentation.
    2. Hymn: Urbs beata Jerusalem in plainsong. Latin, 11th C. tr. J.M.Neale., Mode 2 Nevers MS, 13th C. A fine Epiphany Gregorian chant.
    3. Psalm 84 Quam dilecta in Anglican chant, tone I-2
    4. The Nunc dimittis, tone 5, harmonized. If ever there was an appropriate time to do the Nunc Dim. it's on this evening. We sing the Nunc as part of Compline every time, but this time is the most appropriate time. I have 50 versions of the Nunc for our four Compline Choirs.
    5. Anthem: O Nata lux by John Brackenborough (b. 1950) SSA. I got this off of CPDL and have emailed Brackenborough to find out his birth date for the written program. His wife runs a women's choir at a big Cathedral in Sussex. A wonderful tune, in Latin. Tre atmopherique.
    We use a chantress and a speaker. No priest or officiant in sight. No elements.
    As far as anything to do with people handling lighted candles, I was advised by council this would be a litigatory nightmare. So we bought boxes of small votive style candles in glass holders that adorned the already candle massive Nave. Not the 1500 year old effect we were looking for, but the theme of light came across well. The lessons and collects were spot on for the occasion. We tried some new effects, namely the use of silence, as the Latins of old were want to do.
  • We did everything from the Graduale Simplex and chanted the Anima Christi.
    St. Michael the Archangel
    Grand Prairie, TX
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  • This is what we did at Immaculate Conception in Cleveland:

    for the procession, Lumen ad revelationem and the antiphons from the Liber (horrible weather here, so there weren't as many people and the procession ended before we got to the Obtulerunt).

    Prelude before procession: Henri Nibelle. Lumen ad revelationem (3d variation)

    Mass ordinary: Obrecht Je ne seray plus vert vestu (but we did Credo III, not polyphony)

    Propers from the Liber, of course

    Motets: Offertory - Byrd Adorna thalamum tuum a 3

    Communion: Agricola (contrafactum) Quando natus es/Rubum quem viderat Moyses
    Marenzio Hodie beata Virgo
    Victoria Senex puerum portabat
    (Well, actually, we rehearsed the Victoria but there were not as many communicants as we expected so in the event, we had to leave it out, alas.)

    Postlude: Heinrich Isaac - sectional piece on the Communion verse (Responsum) and the Tract (Nunc Dimittis). This was from a Swiss organ anthology and I don't know what their source was, but it said Isaac, and it was a very nice piece in any case. I'm curious and will check sources when I get a chance.

  • JulieCollJulieColl
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    More pictures from our Candlemas celebration. I thought these were very striking:


  • JulieCollJulieColl
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    This one's pretty cool, too, esp. since the Candlemas procession was traditionally held in a cemetery, though probably at dusk.

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  • Adam WoodAdam Wood
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    I like how you tint your photos to match your Olde Time vibe.
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  • JulieCollJulieColl
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    Yes, back in the halcyon days when men were men and women were women and everything was in black and white. : )

    Actually, someone from the congregation brought these to church yesterday, and I just scanned them in as is.
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  • Nisi
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    Lautzef, if you're still around (I hope so!), I'd love to see this Isaac score!
    "Postlude: Heinrich Isaac - sectional piece on the Communion verse (Responsum) and the Tract (Nunc Dimittis). This was from a Swiss organ anthology and I don't know what their source was, but it said Isaac, and it was a very nice piece in any case. I'm curious and will check sources when I get a chance."
  • vansensei
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    Something even more interesting -- being in the pews for a Sung Mass for the first time in a very long time.

    But I heard:

    Full Propers
    Ave Maria - Arcadelt
    Mass IX
    Credo III
  • Last night I was organist for a guest schola for an EF at St. Monica, Mishawaka, IN, directed by my colleague Jessica Roberts.

    Prelude: Toccata in F, Bach (played by ND organ student Benton Schmidt)
    Processional voluntary: Solemn Entry, Calvert Shenk
    Candle ceremonies: GR, with "Adorna thalamum Sion" (Andrew Richesson)

    Propers: GR
    Ordinary: Missa O quam gloriosum est regnum, Victoria
    Credo III
    Offertory motet: Nunc dimittis, Francis Melville Esq
    Communion motet: Tantum ergo, Kevin Allen
    Postlude: Finale jubilante, Healey Willan
  • CatherineS
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    My plans were to get a large hoard of beeswax candles blessed, and in that I succeeded, thanks be to God. I didn't sing, and the Mass I managed to attend just had a sung ordinary (chant) and some hymns. Nice to see everyone else's lovely programs!
  • Chrism
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    Mass with Blessing of Candles but no Procession.

    Propers from the Liber.
    Mass IX
    Credo III
    Opening Hymn: "Joy, Joy, the Mother Comes" (Faber / Marist American Catholic Hymnal)
    Offertory: Adorna, thalamum - processional antiphon from the Liber
    Communion: Templum cordis adornemus (Adam of St. Victor / chant)
    Marian antiphon: Ave Regina caelorum, solemn tone
    Closing Hymn: "O Purify the First Soft Ray" (Treasury of Catholic Song)
  • tomjaw
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    We had the Blessing of candles etc. E.F.
    Lumen ad revelationum (Graduale Romanum 1924)
    Distribution only to those on the sanctuary due to Covid
    Exsúrge, Dómine (Graduale Romanum 1924)
    Procession of servers and choir only due to Covid
    Adórna thálamum (Graduale Romanum 1924)
    Responsum accepit Simeon (Graduale Romanum 1924)
    Obtulérunt pro eo Domino (Graduale Romanum 1924)

    Introit - Suscepimus Deus, (Graduale Romanum 1924)
    Kyrie - Mass IX
    Gloria - Mass IX
    Gradual - Suscepimus Deus, (Graduale Romanum 1924)
    Tract - Nunc dimittis (Graduale Romanum 1924)
    Credo - I
    Offertory - Diffusa est gratia, (Graduale Romanum 1924)
    Off. Motet - Hymn, Adorna Sion Thlamum
    Sanctus - Mass IX
    Agnus - Mass IX
    Communion - Responsum accept Simeon (Graduale Romanum 1924)
    Com. Motet - Hymn, Postquam Puellae
    Marian Anthem - Alma Redemptoris, Solemn tone