Vexilla Regis English Translation
  • Hi Everyone,

    I'm looking to use the Vexilla Regis for the first time this year on Good Friday. I'm looking for an English text setting (with music notations) to the Vexilla Regis setting from the St. Gregory hymnal. Does anyone have a copy that they would be willing to share?

    If so, please let me know or lead me somewhere that has it! Thanks!
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    Are you saying that you don't have access to the St. Gregory Hymnal, or that it only has Latin? J. M. Neale's "The royal banners forward go" (1851) to the gregorian melody is in just about any Lutheran or Episcopalian hymnal you care to look in. The Hymnal 1982 has a copyrighted version by J. W. Grant, "The flaming banners of our king".
  • Hi Richard,

    I'm looking for the st gregory vexilla tune but with correct English text. I own a 1982 hymnal, does the vexilla chant tune have English text with it? That's what I'm looking for.

  • Here are the English and latin versions of Vexilla Regis that I typeset with modern and old notations, with the same melody as in the beloved "St Gregory Hymnal":

    This is the Walter Kirkham Blout translation from 1670, with two or three corrections to it. You will probably enjoy singing it. The emotions and theology of this hymn comes across almost as well in other languages as it does in the original. My main experience is singing it during Vespers and it is one of my favourite hymns. :-)

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    Fr. Weber also has an English version in square note notation in this booklet (p. 2-3):
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  • I believe there is one in the St. Michael Hymnal as well.
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    I just found this PDF by Chris McAvoy, which is very beautiful, but is not the melody from the St. Gregory Hymnal, which uses the melody of the 1908 Graduale Romanum.