Free Materials for Introductory Gregorian Chant Workshop
  • carljn
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    For your free use, I am making available for download the materials I use to teach an introductory workshop on Gregorian chant. There is a full presentation that goes along with a guidebook/handout.

    I've done this workshop twice now with great success. The instructional time is around three hours with a break in the middle. It covers the basics needed to get anybody chanting in English and basic Latin.

    The materials are shared in a public Evernote notebook where I'll keep the materials update and put new stuff when I can get to it.

    Have fun and please let me know if you have any questions!

    Carl Neimeyer
  • Many thanks, Carl. These are beautiful materials. The success of your workshops is no surprise.
  • Good stuff :-) Thank you.
  • Great stuff! I'm hoping to do some workshops soon! These materials are great!
  • Thank you very much--these will be very helpful in a workshop I am giving on Saturday.
  • carljn
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    NEW UPDATE!!!!

    My wonderful bride (the same one who created the beautiful materials for the workshop) has now created a Children's Companion book to the workshop!

    Let us know what you think!

    Thanks, and reminder, the workshop is tomorrow.
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    I Love The Colour By NEUMbers!
    Thank you and thank your wife!
    I haven't got to the original workshop yet.
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    My choir director at the time used "A Bond of Unity" in his intro seminar when I first learned chant 7 years ago. I've graduated to the director's post and am preparing a course for my community. I was hoping to access PDFs of Carl's material but the Evernote link is not working for me (I have a free account so I don't know if that's a factor). Is this content housed anywhere else?
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