The World Needs To Hear These
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    Solesmes chants

    Has anyone ordered through that site? What type of money is needed?

    I wish everyone in the world could listen to those recordings, all day long.

    Masterfully done!

    (Has anyone ordered these? I only have the old LP's)

    And how do those relate to these?

    Solesmes chants

    Has Fr. Jerome Weber catalogued all these recordings?
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    Well, the prices are listed in Euros. And they say they accept credit cards and mail to the USA, so it shouldn't be a huge problem.

    The process for ordering is unusual, it doesn't work the same as other kinds of shopping carts, but it doesn't appear to be too hard.

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    If you look on the page, they have the link to Paraclete Press for the same CDs, and they have a discount on the complete set. I own at least 7 of them, and yeah, they're good, and worth the money.
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  • Are they all chants from the Mass? I'm looking for some good Vespers chant CDs
  • Off hand, here are 3 vespers recordings, various in their approach to chant:
    1) Vespers & Compline - Solesmes - Dom Jean Claire, Choirmaster - [ available from Paraclete ]
    2) Gregorian Chant: Ist Vespers for Nat. of the BVM - King's College - Stephen Cleobury, Choirmaster - [ EMI Classics ]
    3) Compostela ad Vesperas Sancti Iacobi - Ensemble Organum - Marcel Peres, Choirmaster - [ Ambrosie ]
  • Here are a couple more:
    1) (This is an interesting comparison of Vespers & Evensong)
    Evensong & Vespers at Kings' - Vespers for Feast of the BVM
    Evensong for Advent
    Choir of King's College, Cambridge
    Stephen Cleobury, Choirmaster
    [ Columns Classics]
    2) Ad Vesperas Sancti Ludovice Regis Franciae (from the Antiphonaire des Invalides, 1682) -
    Ensemble Organum
    Marcel Peres, Choirmaster
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    You realize, MJO, that you lengthen your time in purgatory each time you tempt me to spend even more money like this!
  • Argh! I should think that putting you onto good liturgy and music would be worth a few indulgences.
  • Here is another, quite interesting, one:
    Le manuscrit du Puy:
    L'office du Nouvel An a la Cathedral du Puy-en-Velay, XIIme-XVIme siecles
    Ensemble Gilles Banchois
    Dominique Vellard, Choirmaster
    [ Virgin Classics ]