The Graduale Parvum Mode 5 Psalm Tone Question
  • I am considering using the Graduale Parvum. The assigned Psalm tones seem to match the antiphons, except the Mode 5 tone which is in a different key from the Mode 5 antiphons. Does anyone have an idea as to what key I would transpose the Mode 5 psalm tone? For example, #123, the Communion antiphon for the "Feast of the Presentation of the Lord", seems to be in the key of D (though the key signature indicates G) but the Psalm tone begins on F natural. I have attached images of the antiphon and psalm tone. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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  • RobertRobert
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    In mode V the tenor (DO) is a fifth above the final (FA). The final FA corresponds to the pitch D in the antiphon, so the tenor would be A.

    To get your psalm tone to match your antiphon, just transpose it down so that the pitches are D, F# and A rather than F, A and C.

    Outside of a french monastery, A is a more manageable reciting pitch than C anyway!
  • Thank you! I suspected that it would be D F# A. Thanks again.