Advent Prose; Rorate Caeli in English for singing
  • I typeset my own version of Rorate Caeli in english, according to the Douay Rheims bible. I am attaching it to this post. For whaetever reason I could not attach it to the forum, so here it is on this link:

    For comparison here is the original anglican version of it.

    The main difference in the more common anglican version, compared to my own is that the original verse 3 in latin was ommitted because it was a non-biblical text (protestant ideaology?).

    I hold the view that some aspects of the Anglican protestant/catholic patrimony deserve to be corrected to fully reflect the orthodoxy of the official septuagint and vulgate bibles of the catholic/orthodox churches. Therefore it behooved me to make certain that this famous prose existed in a more literal accurate translation based upon something closer to an official catholic liturgical text in hieratic english. I hope someone finds this to be useful.

    There is also a corrected translation by "Archbishop" John LoBue, which is also more accurate though slightly different.

    A fourth version was made by Fr. Columba Kelly in comtemporary english. It was published in 1994 in the book "A Monastic Antiphonary - Vol. 1 - Advent". His version is also good,

    Lastly there is a fifth version of this in the 1970's edition of secular use "The Liturgy of the Hours" which is perhaps the most mediocre of them all.

    I welcome any comments on these three versions in english.
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  • I've done my own version where I've spliced the antiphon for the prose with the psalm for the Introit for Advent IV.

    I've use the traditional Anglican text in order to preserve some continuity, although I have my own ideas on how it should be translated.

    I'm considering adding the rest of the "proper" antiphon to be sung as a psalm verse and introducing it to my new choir next week.

    I will probably drop the 2nd and 3rd number psalm verses because my parish doesn't use incense for that particular mass. We would never get more than 2 verses out of a hymn and I am thinking that the extra psalm verses would be redundant to requirements.

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  • That is a very nice version hartley, in it's simplicity, especially. Though I would in the long term, miss the original verses, it is a useful way to encourage it's use amongst the less musically experienced.

    What you've done is similar to what Fr. Samuel Weber did for his Propers for the Mass in 2005, where he used it for the "responsorial psalm".
  • It is intended specifically as an introit for Advent IV. The idea being that hopefully the congregation have heard the full prose earlier in Advent and willjoin in.