Mater admirabilis
  • Does anyone know of a chant or, more likely, a hymn by this title? It would probably be 19th century or after. Other than the petition in the BVM Litany, I can find nothing by that title in any of my books, and my online searches have not yielded much. The only concrete reference I can find is that the tune is featured in "Mariales" by Naji Hakim. According to the composer, "Mariales (1993) is a set of five easy pieces, each one built on a gregorian theme. Incantation, Pastorale, Antienne, Hymne and Danse paraphrase respectively the following chants: Mater admirabilis, Regina coeli, Salve Regina, Virgo Dei genitrix and Ave maris stella."
  • The Religious ("Madames") of the Sacred Heart fostered devotion to Mater Admirabilis in all their convent schools. Might not one of their hymnals have something in it? I don't have my Pius X Hymnal at hand to check, though it may be worth checking as it was put together by them. Perhaps too you might check with the US archivist of the RSCJ's. They were very helpful in finding a certain hymn for me a few years back and very kind about sending me a copy.
  • Try the GOOGLE BOOKS search:

    "mater admirabilis" music
  • Organist Heather M. Hernandez have some noteworthy information at
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