What to wear at the Colloquium....
  • I wanted to pass along a thought...when picking your wardrobe out, you may find it helpful to consider that in classes and at Mass, you will most probably be photographed and want to show your friends the photographs and videos that appear...
  • Richard R.
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    Grateful Dead T-shirt it is, then...
  • Kathy
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    And a cheesehead...
  • Oh. That was you!
  • We have to be clothed?
  • JDE
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    We have to be clothed?

    Yes, please. At least I do! I believe in keeping America beautiful.
  • Jonathan,
    Do you remember that old public service advert on the TV that had the venerable Native American Tribal Chief/Actor in tears over the populace's inclination to trash the countryside? I think his name was Iron Eyes Cody....
    You've reduced me to puddles. Okay, I'll wear my skivies. And a bow tie. Happy now? (Whimper, sigh, gulping breaths....)
    I still want your voice if I outlast you. Not likely at this pace.
  • chonakchonak
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    It turned out that Iron Eyes Cody was actually Espera Oscar de Corti, of Sicilian extraction.
  • Jeffrey TuckerJeffrey Tucker
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    Hmmm, maybe we can arrange careful product/service ads. Like maybe I can be paid to wear a WORSHIP IV shirt or something.
  • matthewjmatthewj
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    We demand a Jeffrey Tucker article on How To Dress (like a man) at the Colloquium.

  • Jeffrey Quick
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    Oh well, I guess Jeffrey will get my ragamuffin self, as there's no time to shop this week.
  • We aren't selling endorsement opportunities?

    Why not the "Gather Comprehensive Sacred Music Colloquium" or the
    "JourneySong Intermediate Women's Chant Schola".

    And I'm thinking that some of us could do the equivalent with various face paining techniques of those all-over wraps done on buses.
    Think of it: free registration to the Colloquium if you are willing to be a walking ad all week for the LA Religious Education Conference!

    Oh, wait a minute: this is the only Catholic musical association not in the pocket of commercial interests. Oh well, it was a thought.
  • rollingrj
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    From the Colloquium page:

    Weather in Pittsburgh: Average temperatures in June range from a low of 57 to a high of 79 degrees. June can be a rainy month, so a rain poncho or umbrella is certainly in order.

    Attire: Comfortable/casual attire for classes and rehearsals is fine. As travelers, there is no need to be dressed to the nines at all times. Do, however, consider modesty and bring along appropriate attire for Masses and other liturgies.

    Since you are also near the confluence of the three rivers, it will get a little muggy as well. Light colors and fabric that breathe.
  • Kathy
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    Is "face paining" a typo, or a Freudian slip?
  • chonakchonak
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    Bad music in church causes face paining; therefore, there is no face paining at the Colloquium.
  • Kathy
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    See, this is where rhyming dictionaries can't really go. At the Colloquium:

    No faces paining
    No space remaining
    Where grace is reigning
    something something unfeigning...
  • If you need change for dorm machines after 6:00, go to the Library...it's just west of the bridge to meals and classes...
  • Kathy:

    I was freaking out about two hours ago, couldn't find our hotel confirm for Marriott on my PC email inbox done months ago. But, I'd had them send the confirm to my office email, which might have 10K inbox messages! Happily, their Reservation agent found me pronto! Ah, Mondavi time.