Chrism Mass Music
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    For those of you that attended or played/sang, what music did you have at your Chrism Mass?

    Diocese of Madison, WI
    Ordinary: Mass of the Resurrection (OCP, DeBruyn)
    Instrumentation: Organ, Choir, Brass quintet + timp, Harp, Oboe,

    Prelude: Fantasia in G-Major, BWV 572 - Bach
    (To cover our lengthy procession, both introit and hymn were used)
    Introit: BFW (Lord, you have given my heart), ant sung by all, choir on verses
    Hymn: Lord, of old you chose a people (Adapted from Chrism Mass Entrance Antiphon, text by Irene Fisher, tune: NETTLETON) (This is the only place I could find it)
    Kyrie XVI programmed, accidentally spoken by the Bishop
    The 3 Sung Collects: Simple tone
    Psalm: Forever I will sing (J Robert Carroll)
    Gospel Acc: Frank Schoen, with choral verse
    O Redeemer: Marc Cerisier
    Preparation of the Altar: The Lord is my Shepherd, From John Rutter's Requiem
    Pater Noster and Quia tuum sung by all
    Communion Hymn: At that first Eucharist
    Communion Antiphon: Andrew Motyka
    Motet (?): Prayer of St Francis (unsure of composer)
    Distribution of Oils: O Christe Domine Jesu (Taize)
    Recessional: O God, Beyond all Praising (THAXTED/Proulx)
    Postlude: Toccata in B-Minor (Eugene Gigout)
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    I don't know, since I avoid the cathedral like the plague. I expect the worst, and it frequently lives up to my expectations. What you have posted looks really good.
  • I'm happy to see they used my setting of O Redeemer again this year.

    The Introit Hymn isn't published, but widely used at cathedrals around the country. It was written for St. James in Seattle, which is why you found it there.

    I agree--a nice liturgy.
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    Marc, do you mind sharing your setting of O Redemptor, or if it is published, a link? We used Fr. Samuel's this year, which is just an Englished quite well, though.
  • Message me your email and I'll send a copy.
  • In Memphis...

    Entrance - Lord of Old, You Chose a People, Irene Fisher, NETTLETON
    Gloria - Missa de Angelis
    Psalm - 89, Ronald Krisman, from Liturgical Press
    Gospel Acclamation - from Psalm and Gospel Acclamation for Lent, S. Pishner
    Acclamation after renewal of Priestly Service - Psalm 110, Psallite
    Response to the 2 intercessions - from the Litany of Saints
    Presentation of Oils and Gifts - O Redeemer, Cerisier
    Blessing of Oils - Oil Hymn, D. Duffner, STUTTGART
    Prep of Altar and Gifts - Ubi Caritas, Oja Gjielo (I HIGHLY recommend this to everyone)
    Holy - ICEL
    Mystery of Faith - ICEL
    Amen - Latona
    Lamb of God - Mass XVIII Agnus Dei
    Communion Antiphon - Simple Choral Gradual, Rice
    Communion Anthem - Strengthen for Service, Leo Nestor (also HIGHLY recommended--there's an excellent recording of this at Morningstar's website)
    Communion Procession - Amen, El Cuerpo de Cristo, Schiavone
    Recessional—Canzona from the "Folkloric Suite" for Organ and Brass, Langlais, arr. Ken Danchik
  • Hello! Where can I find "Lord of Old You Chose a People" NETTLETON, to use for the Chrism Mass? Is it published anywhere?
  • Contact the music office at St. James Csthedral (Seattle) for permission to use the text. I can't remember if they use that hymn tune or not, but if they don't, message me your email, and I can send you the score.
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