Brass + Strings Concertato arrangements for Easter
  • Can anyone recommend good hymn settings for the hymns "Jesus Christ Is Risen Today" (Tune: Lyrica Davidica, or Easter Hymn) and "The Strife Is O'er"? The forces that I expect to have at my disposal are organ, Brass Quartet (Trpt. I and II, Trombone I and II) plus Tympani, and String Trio (Violin I and II plus Cello).

    I've been looking around but just can't find good arrangements - or can't find arrangements that let you preview them online. I'm looking for arrangements that are really beautiful and can be sung by the choir in unison with descant, but also have bright and flashy fanfares and interludes.

    If anyone has some suggestions, I'd love to hear them.

  • "Resurrexi, I Am Risen/Jesus Christ is Risen Today" (Charles Thatcher, published by OCP). A fine and effective concertato. It comes with brass quartet and organ parts, but one could easily adapt portions for strings and tympani.
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    If you had asked for "At the Lamb's High Feast we sing" I could have helped you.
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    James Biery's setting is quite good (though the scoring may not be exactly what you need); I've used it with brass the past four Easter Vigils or so, and I love it. Great reharmonization for the final verse . . .
  • Charles, I'd be happy to see Salzburg!

    BTW, my Anglicans sang "Let Thy Blood in mercy poured" as a Communion motet on Ash Wednesday night and this morning, and they liked it very much. We did 1 full, 2 melody only, 3 full a cappella, 4 full. Love the part-writing.
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    I would highly recommend the brass arrangements done by John Ferguson for GIA. They are nicely done, not too difficult, and provide a lot of "bang for the buck." The strings could easily be accomodated through doubling.
  • has arrangements of both hymns that can be adapted. use the contact form to get a login to an audition room. There are six easter settings for brass and organ.