Litany of the Saints - Dedication of a Church/Altar
  • We are dedicating a new high school chapel next week, and as the Roman Pontifical was misplaced in the Cathedral and there is no time to purchase a new one or find some place that has one we can borrow, I am working off of old liturgical scripts to create a comprehensive script for the day (please no comments about the indignity of scripts or whatever).

    The piece that I am missing is the Litany of Saints, which apparently is in an appendix in the RP on page 104. I want to be sure that we use the correct one with all of the petitions that might be particular for the dedication of a church.

    Does anyone have this as some sort of computer file (with or without notation), or does anyone have a scan of this from the RP? Any help that can be provided is much appreciated.
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  • Que the Becker...

    Mary and Joseph...
    Pray for us.
    Michael and all angels...
    Pray for us.

    Forgive me.
  • We are definitely NOT doing that one. Origen is not a saint!

    Anyhow, I hope SOMEONE can help me with this!
  • I have it and can send it to you later today. I am running off to a teleconference and then to our graduation.
  • The B...a real new age piece...shimmering MIDI strings, little tinkling air bells, goblin....
  • For the young especially (and the young at heart), the Becker litany of the saints is most amenable. You have much leeway in improvisation that is tasteful, moving the piece like rippling water, and can add instrumentation, harmonies and appropriate cantor improv very easily. You can make this peice sound great and be a totally new piece every time, as it is easy for the congregation to respond to their musical cues! bunny love (Susan)
  • The Ceremonial of Bishops (p. 244) says to add the titular of the church, the patron saint of the place, and the saints whose relics are to be deposited; and petitions suitable to the occasion and to the faithful taking part.
  • RC: I have all that. I am looking for the text itself. I found one church program online that had it, but it looked to me like they inserted a bunch of stuff, and I just want the pure unadulterated text before I go inserting other saints, etc.
  • Here is the entire rite.

    Here too are the chants I wrote based on the chants of the rite in Latin.

    Here is the litany template.

    Lord, have mercy R/. Lord, have mercy
    Christ, have mercy R/. Christ, have mercy
    Lord, have mercy R/. Lord, have mercy

    Holy Mary, Mother of God
    Saint Michael
    Holy angels of God
    Saint John the Baptist
    Saint Joseph
    Saint Peter and Saint Paul
    Saint Andrew
    Saint John
    Saint Mary Magdalene
    Saint Stephen
    Saint Lawrence
    Saint Perpetua and Saint Felicity
    Saint Agnes
    Saint Athanasius
    Saint Basil
    Saint Martin
    Saint Augustine
    Saint Patrick
    Saint Gregory
    Saint Catherine
    Saint Teresa
    Saint Benedict
    Saint Francis and Saint Dominic
    Saint Francis [Xavier]
    Saint John Mary [Vianney]
    All holy men and women

    Lord, be merciful R/. Lord, save your people

    From all evil R/. Lord, save your people

    From every sin R/. Lord, save your people

    From everlasting death R/. Lord, save your people

    By your coming as man R/. Lord, save your people

    By your death and rising to new life R/. Lord, save your people

    By your gift of the Holy Spirit R/. Lord, save your people

    Be merciful to us sinners R/. Lord, hear our prayer

    Guide and protect your holy Church R/. Lord, hear our prayer

    Keep the pope and all the clergy in faithful service to your Church R/. Lord, hear our prayer

    Bring all peoples together in trust and peace R/. Lord, hear our prayer

    Strengthen us in your service R/. Lord, hear our prayer

    Make this church (altar) holy and consecrate it to your worship R/. Lord, hear our prayer

    Jesus, Son of the living God R/. Lord, hear our prayer

    Christ, hear us R/. Christ, hear us

    Lord Jesus, hear our prayer R/. Lord Jesus, hear our prayer.
  • Here is the litany set to the latest chant formulas and texts. The music files are extractable from the .doc file as separate TIFFs.
  • Is Bl. Junipero included as a local patron, or does he have a national patronal role now too?
  • Omit him; I thought I had purged what I sent you of local required saints and blesseds. I'll correct the list posted above.