English Version of Henri du Mont's Mass in the Sixth Mode
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    Thank you for this, Salieri. This is beautiful. I have always loved Henri Du Mont.
    His music is always so wonderfully balanced. I have never seen anything
    of his that was not perfectly written. I have long wanted to sing his messes
    royales at Mass. And I hope to use your English version above also. It looks
    extremely good. Could you possibly put together an English version of Du Mont's
    messes royales as well?
  • SalieriSalieri
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    I sketched a version of du Mont's Messe Royale last night - I'll try to type-set it tonight if I get a chance. It may need more polishing than the Messe du 6me Ton
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    (Sorry, posted a response to the wrong thread.)
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    Nice job. I can see using this.
  • JulieCollJulieColl
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    Does anyone know of a modern chant notation of Du Mont's Missa Regia III (6th tone) in Latin?

    I have the accompaniment but not the chant version for my schola. All I can find online is this beautiful setting (looks like it's from the 17th c.!), but I'm not sure if my schola can read it.
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    Thank you, Salieri! I didn't see your documents before, but now they're up and they're superb. We'll use them instead and I'll type in the Latin. It's difficult to see what the notes of length are in the antique version.
  • JulieColl, the chant notation for three of Du Mont's Masses can be found in the Paroissien Romain (La Messe et L'Office). In my 1927 version, the Masses are right after the table of contents. Is this book among the CMAA scans? My printer/scanner is on the fritz. I didn't check to see if the following site has an online copy:

  • I found this fragment of the Paroissien Romain:

    I think Du Mont's Masses begin around pdf p. 73 or so. Unfortunately, the 6th tone Mass is missing some pages here.
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    This is very useful, Expeditus. I was looking for a better copy, but I only see Missa Regia I (which is the 1st tone, I believe, according to what I see from Raczkowski's Kyriale) at the link above for the fragment.
  • JulieColl, the fragment that was posted of the Paroissen Romain, jumps from the Missa Regia (cuts out on actual page 3 after the Index), and then picks up midway through the Credo of the 6th tone Mass (I believe it is actual page 12, or pdf page 75?). For the 6th tone Mass, the entire Sanctus, Agnus Dei, and part of the Credo are in there.
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    Oh, that explains the confusion! I see now that it jumps from p. 3 to p. 12. Thanks so much, Expeditus. This is actually just perfect since I can use Salieri's Kyrie, and I won't have to type a thing. (We sing Credo I so I don't need the Credo and we'll be singing it in Lent so we don't need the Gloria.) Have you ever done Missa Regia III? It's very simple, but so fresh sounding---actually, it sounds like spring!

    Thanks again for the detective work.
  • Geremia
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    I found the Messe Royale de Henri du Mont on PDF pp. 46 ff. of the first part of this: 1903 Solesmes "Liber Usualis" (Mocquereau), but unfortunately there are no interpretative marks…
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    Geremia, I just wrote a comment directing you to the Polish Kyriale (it has the accompaniment for the Messes Royales by Dumont which I use to mark the notes of length on the chant copies for the schola) but unfortunately it disappeared since the Polish words apparently cause technical problems.

    If you look at the thread entitled "Henri Du Mont- Messe Royale" you'll find working links there to the Kyriale. You could also listen to these youtube videos:


  • The Messe Royale (or Missa Regia I) on p. 46 is a different Mass than the 6th tone Missa Regia III. I do use the organ accompaniments to add interpretative marks to the chant copies.

    JulieColl, I tried Missa Regia III last night, and you are right about its fresh spring sound.
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    Geremia, have you checked out the accompaniments to the Messe Royale I in the Polish Kyriale here? Missa Regia I is on p. 98 of the pdf. (I'm not sure if this link is going to work since it's got Polish in it and that seems to cause technical problems.)

    I use the rhythmic interpretation to mark the chant copies for my schola or you could listen to them here: http://www.youtube.com/user/cantuale?feature=watch but these recordings seem to follow the Polish Kyriale if I'm not mistaken.
  • Josh
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    The little chant group I look after, which now sings at a monthly EF Mass, has been using Dumont's Messe Royale, but I think we may start learning Dumont's Messe du 6e ton - which in the Polish organ accompaniment referred to above is called Missa Regia III. I have used the organ accompaniment to add interpretative marks to the chant, which I have typeset using Gregorio, as follows - please use these if they are of any assistance:
    Thanked by 2expeditus1 CHGiffen
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    Josh, these are wonderful. Thanks so much for sharing!