the $34 Liber
  • Hey folks,

    The father of one of my schola students is the owner of Preserving Christian Publications. He sent me a complimentary copy of his new edition of the Liber Brevior and it is outstanding. This isn't an ad, but an endorsement of sorts, for a Liber that contains most everything any parish schola would sing. It has all Sundays, major feasts, commons, votive masses, Gradual and Alleluia Psalm Tones for each Mass, nuptial, funeral, and Sunday Vespers and Compline. It is small, portable, and only $34.

    I have an old one of these from 1957, and one recently published by St. John Cantius (which is huge), but this one contains new feasts added since the 50s (in the back). PCP did a great job! We have purchased several already for schola members.

    Here is the link: Liber Brevior

    And here is another place to buy it (the bookstore ladies will love you for buying it from them) FSSP Bookstore - Liber Brevior
  • miacoyne
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    Thank you for posting this. I do need a new one. I have a very old one that was given for free from former MD who saved it from being thrown away (at the turn of Vatican II, he says musicians were throwing away all the LU and he saved a few copies.)
  • BenBen
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    I assume this book is mainly for the EF?
  • That would be correct, Ben.